What is Facebook Touch?

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Facebook Touch is nothing but a sophisticated and advanced version of Facebook itself which was launched at the time when touch screen phones were infants in the market. Facebook Touch gave the touch screen users of that time a whole new social media surfing experience as it had a touch friendly interface. 

To provide this experience to the users Facebook Touch uses more data and memory to run efficiently as it shows pictures and videos in HD formats. It is available to access through browsers like Chrome, Mozilla or Microsoft Edge and there is no need to sign up separately; you just have to login through your normal Facebook credentials. The standard mobile URL for Facebook is http://m.facebook.com/ whereas for Facebook Touch the URL provided is http://touch.facebook.com/

Facebook Touch contains all those features which you see in standard Facebook like if you post something on Facebook Touch which violates its terms and conditions then your Facebook account might get locked or Facebook may even suspend your account.  


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