What do you know about the structural characteristics of the central machinery industrial dust collector?

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The central machinery industrial dust collector often checks the grease in the fuel tank of the fan reduction motor and makes it up in time. Pulse dust collector checks the large film in the pulse valve once or twice a year, and the damaged and aging ones should be replaced in time. With the increase of the filter time, the residual adsorbed dust of the filter bag will increase more and more, which will affect the normal dust removal work. By using the shutdown and shaking vibration for tens of seconds, the residual dust attached to the internal surface of the filter bag will shake off, and the dust will fall into the ash bucket, drawer or directly onto the conveyor belt.

The working principle of the central machinery industrial dust collector is to use the induced draft fan to transport the air volume so that the dusty gas enters the box by the dust collector inlet, and the dusty gas is filtered by the filter bag through the gas shunt, and the dust is left on the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the induced draft fan through the filter bag and is discharged from the exhaust pipe. After the dust collector works for a period of time, the dust on the filter bag gradually increases, resulting in the increase of the resistance of the filter bag, and the dust collector needs to be cleaned. After the dust removal is completed, the dust collector works normally again.

Next, let's talk about the structural characteristics of central machinery industrial dust collector:

First, the cleaning mechanism of the filter component is to use the motor to drive the eccentric wheel, and the connecting rod to make the cloth bag shake and stick to the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag. Its control device is divided into automatic control and hand control two kinds. Automatic control means that when the fan is working continuously, the cleaning mechanism will automatically vibrate and clean the dust. Manual control means that the cleaning mechanism will work automatically after the fan stops, and stop automatically after tens of seconds. It can also start the cleaning motor to vibrate and clean the dust at any time as required.

2. The filter component adopts 208 industrial polyester twill flunnel as filter material flat cloth bag filter, each bag is equipped with spring steel mesh, good filtering effect, convenient replacement filter bag, good service life.

3. The filter component is equipped with a wide, free and sealed folding access door for maintenance and removal of the filter when necessary.

4. Pulse dust collector can be manufactured according to the actual needs of design units or users.

Five, dust collector components adopt the type of suction structure, dust is convenient.

Six, the fan component adopts the imitation centrifugal fan, the air volume is large, the wind pressure is high, the fan characteristic curve is hard, and the noise reduction measures are adopted, the noise is small in use.

Seven. The air inlet interface on the upper side of the dust collector can be folded down when needed, so as to increase the use of the air inlet area.

Eight, central machinery industrial dust collector has 16 kinds of specifications, divided into A, B two types. Type A is equipped with ash bucket drawer, type B is not equipped with ash bucket drawer. The lower flange; It is directly connected by the user to the dumping port of the folding bin, the mixing warehouse, the sand blasting box, the belt transportation switch and other dust collecting equipment, and the dust is directly recovered.

central machinery industrial dust collector https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Products