Recycle and Earn with Ecoterra io Blockchain Ecosystem

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Ecoterra io is a blockchain ecosystem that focuses to offset carbon footprints and appreciating the actions of individuals and companies towards a sustainable future.

There is no fact of denial that pollution is destroying nature and health severely and nobody is taking a stand on it. What they will get from us, and what footprints we are leaving on our environment are serious points of concern for future generations. Considering this, a platform with the aim of going green is stabling its roots into the crypto industry. The name of that platform is Ecoterra, it is not just taking a step towards a greener future but also rewarding the ones who are helping.

So, how is it helping in keeping nature clean and green? Well! Let me spill the beans. Ecoterra has launched an R2A (Recycle2Earn) application which serves as a medium for people to earn income by recycling waste material. It generates recycling tokens for participating in the Recycle and Earn process and rewards with Ecoterra coins. We will take a dig into the complete process of earning through the R2A application of ecoterra io further, come along with the read.

Why should you opt for Ecoterra Blockchain?

  • Recycle2Earn Application: I have driven this aspect home in the intro section that the recycletoearn program of Ecoterra is one of the most interesting and needful actions. Using this platform, people can yield passive rewards in the form of Ecoterra crypto by recycling waste material.

  • Carbon Offset Marketplace: Ecoterra appreciated the companies and individuals who take action to offset the carbon footprints using Ecoterra crypto or other currencies and make a significant impact on the environment.
  • Recycled Materials Marketplace: The coins of the Ecoterra blockchain highly supports the efforts of recycled material purchases and for this reason, Ecoterra is also known as the Recycled material marketplace.

Elaborating on earning from recycling with Ecoterra

Collect the recyclable products and proceed to earn from the Recycl2Earn feature of Ecoterra by taking the steps given below.

  1. Install the application from the Ecoterra io website and open it.
  2. Pick up the items and look for the bar codes there.
  3. When found, scan them with the Ecoterra app and locate them on the database.
  4. After this, search for nearby RVM machines using the app.
  5. Track the location and reach there with the products which got matched the products on the app database.
  6. Now, place the items in the RVM machine for recycling and it will generate a receipt.
  7. Take that receipt and upload its picture on the Ecoterra app.
  8. And, now youll be rewarded with some ecoterra coins instantly.
  9. You can also scan the electricity bill to support the green-energy-producing technology, and in return, youll be incentivized with ecoterra coins.

Remarkable Note: There are so many other ways also to support the initiative toward a greener future and clean environment that can help you in earning Ecoterra as well, such as you can plant trees by participating in the scaled projects of Ecoterra, you can let young generation know about the climate change impacts or can purchase eco-friendly products using ECOTERRA.

The Final Take!

Ecoterra io is a blockchain ecosystem that focuses to offset carbon footprints and appreciating the actions of individuals and companies towards a sustainable future. It rewards the users for recycling the products, provides a platform to buy and sell recyclable products as well as lets them partake in carbon offsetting using the Ecoterra cryptocurrency. Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) plays an important role to earn through recycling as by uploading the RVM-generated receipt, you can earn Ecoterra coins easily. Every time, when you recycle a product, youll be rewarded with crypto assets and you can use these earned coins to hold, stake, sell or donate them to an environmental cause.

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