What are the charges for children's book editors?

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A thorough evaluation of a book focuses on identifying structural, grammatical, and factual mistakes. The editor then rewrites all of the problems, providing thorough reports on all of the faults and changes. There are numerous online book editing firms that offer competent editorial evalu

Hiring a freelance editor differs from editing a book. Book editors are frequently divided into three types: developmental, line/copy, and proofreading, and the vast majority of them are paid by the word count of the book rather than by the hour. There are numerous professional children's book editors who charge by the word count or the number of pages. As a result, the fees for book editing remain unknown.

thorough evaluation of book focuses on identifying structural, grammatical, and factual mistakes. 
The editor then rewrites all of the problems, providing thorough reports on all of the faults and changes. 
There are various online book editing firms that offer reasonable editorial evaluations. 
In addition to being less expensive, they also take less time than traditional editing organizations, which only serve huge publishing houses and charge exorbitant fees.