Guide for ANA Upgrade to Business Class

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It is possible to upgrade from economy or premium economy to business class. There are several ways to improve the chairs as well. You may get all the information you require regarding how to seek an ANA upgrade to business class from this blog.

Passengers traveling All Nippon Airways flights have the option to upgrade their seating to business class on the condition that they have done it at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their flights. Apart from that, many other conditions are there based on which passengers have to confirm their eligibility for Upgradation. Including all this information, passengers need to follow a proper procedure based on which their flight ticket will be upgraded. However, many passengers do not know the required information or process of how to upgrade to business class.

Thus here we are going to provide A-Z information for ANA Upgrade to Business Class. Based on this you can upgrade your flight tickets to business class. Along with that, we will include some crucial pointers which every passenger should keep in mind while making bookings or doing Upgradation. Read the article further to know how to upgrade the ANA flight.

Booking Fare Classes Eligible for Business Upgradation

Only a few fare classes are eligible for ANA upgrade to Business Class. Below we have listed them:

Type of Upgradation

Economy to Premium Class

Economy to Business Class

Business to First Class

Eligible Fare

Full Economy and Discount Economy

Premium Economy, Full Economy, and Discount Economy

Business Class

Ana Airlines Upgrade to Business Class- How to Ameliorate your Flights Ticket

ANA upgrade to business can be done either from the official website or through a phone call to the ANA airlines customer services:

Passengers can simply apply for an upgrade simply from the official website. On the homepage of ANA, they can find the option of My Bookings. After this, they can either log in with their ANA account or provide their ticket details. Steps to Upgrade to business class in ANA are discussed below:

  • On the official website, navigate to the option of "My Bookings."

  • Now, either log in with your "AMC Number Password" or simply provide your ticket details (reservation number or e-ticket number) along with your First Name and Last Name.

  • Once you have provided the required details, you can easily locate the option to upgrade.

  • You need to select the method through which you need to make the Upgradation.

  • Provide your ticket details and make the required payment for Upgradation.

  • Once your ticket details are upgraded, you will receive a confirmation of the contact details you have provided. You need to keep in mind that the Upgradation is possible only for the business class. That means you can either upgrade from economy/premium to business class only. There is no option to upgrade from economy to premium class.

Connect with the Contact Centre for Flight Upgradation

Passengers can also connect with the airline's customer services, where they will be connected with the officials. There, they need to convey their queries along with their flight details. In case any upgrade is available, then the official will let you know. Follow the further instructions dictated by the official and make sure to have all the details related to your flight along with the payment details. Once your Upgradation is confirmed, you will be notified through SMS and mail.

Various Methods for ANA Airlines Upgrade to Business Class

Various options are available for traveling in All Nippon Airways for upgrading their seatings to the premium one. Passengers can upgrade their flight through a purchase, or they can rely on various flier programs like the ANA mileage club, or they can make a bid for an upgrade.

How to Upgrade ANA Flight from the official website.

This is the foremost method for the ANA upgrade to business class. Passengers can simply check out for the option of upgrading on the official website. Based on the availability, they can simply proceed to make an upgrade through payment only. For that, you need to first update your payment details.

ANA upgrade to business class through the Mileage Club.

ANA passengers who are members of the Mile Club can simply apply for the Upgradation through the mileage points they have earned from their previous journey. However, there is eligibility for having minimum mileage points based on the distance of the journey for which you are demanding an upgrade. Along with that, the following terms and conditions need to follow while upgrading to business class through Miles Points:

  • All domestic flights of journey within Japan are not eligible for Upgradation.

  • Passengers only have one option for Upgradation, i.e., either upgrade from economy to premium or from economy to business class.

  • Option for direct Upgradation from economy to first class is not available.

  • Any passenger who applied for Upgradation from economy to business cannot opt for an upgrade to premium class for the same flight.

The minimum number of miles required for Upgradation is listed below:

Distance (In Miles)

Economy to Premium Economy

Economy to business class

Business to First Class

















More than 5501




Other flyers program through which you can make Upgradation in ANA flights

Passengers with ANA flight tickets can not only make Upgradation through miles points in their ANA Mileage Club account but also from various other programs available. Below are some of them

  • Air New Zealand Air Points

  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus

You need to keep in mind that the minimum number of points required is different for various programs, which also varies on the basis of the distance of your journey.

ANA upgrade to Premium Economy through Bidding

For upgrading your flight ticket to the premium economy. An option for bidding is available for the passengers. Here, they have to make an offer for the Upgradation. Based on the other bids and your offers, it will be decided whether you will be provided with an upgrade or not. Thus, it is advised the passengers make a higher to ensure better chances for Upgradation through bidding.

Basic eligibility for making an upgradation through the bidding process:

Passengers should fulfill the following pointers with their flight tickets before making a bid for upgrading their seats.

  • You need to have at least an economy-class reservation.

  • You need to make bidding at least seven days prior to the flight departure

  • Flight tickets must have been purchased from the official sources of ANA.

  • The originating point of your flight should be among the following:

    • Japan

    • Canada

    • US

    • Vietnam

    • Singapore

    • Thailand

    • Malaysia

    • Europe

    • Australia

    • New Zealand

    • Indonesia

    • Philippines

ANA Premium Economy Upgrade Bid

Passengers who need to make a bid for ANA Flight Upgradation have to send a mail to the officials. You need to keep the following things during the bidding process:

  • All the eligible passengers will receive a confirmation mail for their eligibility to make the bidding.

  • In order to initiate the bidding process, you need to follow the instructions given in the mail.

  • There will be a price range only in which you can make the biddings.

  • The bid made by the passengers expires two days before the flight departure.

  • Payment will be made only after your bid has been accepted. For that, the information needed to pay has to be updated. Only credit cards will be accepted for making payments.

  • No additional charges are asked from the passengers before the confirmation of their Upgradation.

  • All the changes in your flights will be confirmed 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

Deadline for making Upgradation to Business Class

Passengers can apply for Upgradation within a period of 365 days to hours prior to the time of flight departure.

Why is my application for ANA upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Class is Rejected

  • Passengers cannot make Upgradation through the miles points in the following situation:

  • Any passenger who is accompanied by an infant without any separate seat cannot apply for Upgradation.

  • Upgradation is not allowed after the check-in.

  • In the case of connecting flights, the Upgradation is not possible.

  • More than one request for Upgradation for the same ticket is not accepted.

  • If the reservation has been made for two passengers and only one is applying for an upgrade, then it will not be accepted.

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Summing it up

In the above post, we have listed all the information you need to know while making an upgrade in your ANA flights. Make sure you fit in the eligibility criteria before you proceed to upgrade your booking. While making an upgrade, you need to have everything flight-related to avoid any hassle along with the payment means to complete your upgrade process. Now, if you need any assistance, connect with flight aura through the number given below. You can also use the Live chat option to connect with us instantly.