Purchase Guide Volleyball Uniform & Volley Ball Jersey

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Get the perfect-sized volleyball uniforms and jerseys for your next volleyball match from AthleisureX. We have curated a complete purchasing guide for you.

Who says overall appearance and your clothes do not matter while entering the volleyball court? Like in real life, your jerseys and uniforms leave an impression on the audience and the opponents on the playing ground. So how about, alongside playing well, you choose to focus on looking good? 


It gives off an impressive and passionate vibe when you enter the volleyball court wearing a good uniform. It tells a lot about your dedication to the game and what it means. Moreover, snug and presentable jerseys and uniforms altogether increase the team's confidence levels. They are more energized toward winning the game for their respective team or franchise.


Athleisure X offers comfortable custom volleyball jerseys that help players succeed in their respective games. Here's a detailed guide for choosing the perfect custom volleyball uniforms for your team from AthleisureX.


Things to Consider While Investing in Custom Volleyball Uniforms


While looking for custom volleyball uniforms and jerseys, certain things should be kept in mind. This is essential to ensure you put your money into the perfect sporting product for your team and teammates.


Keeping track of your budget when buying volleyball jerseys and uniforms in bulk is essential. The pricing range for custom volleyball uniforms varies significantly. You can free to spend as much as you want. That is why it is crucial to determine a value before shopping uniforms and jerseys for your team. Do your research, look out for different suppliers and then choose the option that fits your budget perfectly.


Official Rules to Follow for Volleyball Uniforms and Jerseys


AthleisureX takes full responsibility for designing different sporting gear for multiple games and teams, for instance, custom volleyball uniforms, custom football uniforms, and much more. But it is important to remember that along with comfort and pleasing appearance, some officially released rules for the jerseys and uniforms must be taken care of. Some guidelines are mentioned below that should be followed strictly. In this way, there will be no lag from the manufacturer side and will not lead to the disqualification of the team or the player.


Volleyball is a sport that comes with strict rules, mainly when the matter revolves around uniforms and jerseys. Officially, a desired layout, design, team numbers, and designated apparel color consistency needs to be followed. Following are the basic rules of volleyball uniforms.



  • Every team member's jerseys should be the same color and design.
  • The logo of the manufacturer should be prominent on the jersey.
  • The dimensions of the volleyball jersey should be 2 1/4 inches.
  • The length of spandex, shorts, and leggings can be designed depending on the player's preference
  • The number of jerseys should be 4 inches on the front and 6 inches on the back


Standard Volleyball Uniforms and Jerseys

A volleyball uniform includes a jersey, shorts, gym shoes, socks, and knee pads if we go by the standard. The jersey comes with specific dimensions of around 2 1/4 inches. The number of jerseys is required to be prominent both from the front and back sides.  


Regarding volleyball uniforms, they usually don't contain a midriff. Moreover, it depends on the players if they want to tuck in or not or hang below the waist - there is no obligation in that regard.


Discussing more volleyball uniforms, one must remember that the color of undergarments should match the solid primary color of the uniform. Headbands and wristbands are counted as accessories and aren't integral to the uniform. Hence, players can wear it randomly of their own choice. AthleisureX brings you everything from comfortable, customized uniforms to jerseys and kneepads.


The Best Place to Shop Volleyball Uniforms and Jerseys


Shopping and choosing volleyball uniforms and jerseys for your team can be energy-demanding. However, you need to keep your budget in mind primarily. Decide prior if you want to spend on the custom volleyball jerseys and uniforms or not. 


Getting customization done or not is your call. You can choose AthleisureX customized jerseys as well as stock options. Start by making an account, logging into the AthleisureX website, and determining whether you are looking for men's or women's volleyball uniforms and jerseys.


On AthleisureX's website, you can select from the standard range of reversible uniforms or any category you want. Our team makes it easier for you to locate your desired uniforms and request the quote of your choice in fewer seconds. Our customer service is active 24/7 and is always live to assist you at each step.


Custom Volleyball Uniforms Jerseys

Customization of volleyball uniforms and jerseys is AthleisureX's expertise. The cuts of each uniform are made precisely. The designs are well crafted, and everything is assembled in the United States. Our designers put their heart and soul into bringing the idea of these uniforms to reality. Our manufacturers ensure the top-most-quality fabric and material and the most balanced sublimation, screen printing, and embroidery and tackle twill production procedures to ensure that our buyers are delighted with our services and respective purchases.


Procedures for Printing Volleyball Jerseys

Different processes are involved in the printing of volleyball jerseys and uniforms. Uniform brands use these processes to come up with the most eye-pleasing jerseys. These procedures include embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, and tackle twill. These printing processes enable every kind of customization on the volleyball jersey. 


Fabric Used for Volleyball Jerseys

Be it volleyball jerseys or any other clothing piece, fabric material always holds crucial value. Fabric primarily brings the comfort of wear. Fabric is essential for a player's style, fashion, and budget bracket. The fabric material used in volleyball jerseys includes lightweight poly mock mesh, ultra-light smooth-faced poly, mid-weight poly mock mesh, and lightweight pin dot mesh fabrics.


Wrap Up

This guide will greatly help you make your next purchase of custom volleyball uniforms and jerseys. Visit the AthleisureX website today and buy smartly. Happy Shopping