20 Hot Topics for Political Science PhD Dissertation

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Writing a PhD Dissertation is already tricky and you are in deep trouble if you are a political science student. Political science is a very diverse field and requires critical analysis.

While writing a political science dissertation, make sure that it is logical and not brimming with different ideas, as it can make your dissertation look complicated and weak. And it is not the only problem; choosing the correct topic for your PhD dissertation in political science is one hell of a task.

To select a suitable topic in this field, keep in mind your interest and skills and then choose the topic. It will help you fulfil all the expected dissertation requirements from you. This platform gives you an idea about the topics you want to work on for your PhD dissertation in political science.

What is political science?

Political science, a social science field, is the scientific study of politics. In this field, you learn how to deal with systems of power and governance, associated laws and constitutions, political behaviour, political thought and analysis of political activities. This vast field encircles various subjects that include:

  • International relations
  • Comparative politics
  • Public administration
  • Public law
  • Philosophy research
  • Political theory

Some essential tips while writing a political science dissertation:

You can always seek PhD dissertation help online if you need help with your dissertation. But, if you wish to complete your PhD dissertation by yourself, reading this article will help you provide some guidelines and tips you need to follow and remember while writing your dissertation.

  • Your dissertation should address only one idea; otherwise, it will make your dissertation looks like a mesh. Set your mind on one paragraph rule
  • It will help if you undergo a thorough literature survey to gather the research material for your dissertation.
  • Use reliable and authentic academic sources to cite
  • Support your claims and findings using statistical data, evidence or examples
  • You should not stick to one perspective of your topic, do mention its counter-opinion and other arguments just before the conclusion
  • Avoid using harsh tone while covering sensitive points
  • It would help if you refrained from portraying one side of the story unless it is your reflection
  • Address all political parties neutrally, as it will help them identify their flaws and strengths
  • Do start your dissertation with a firm quote relating to your topic. It will be a plus point for your dissertation. However, refrain from using extensive quoting
  • Refrain from using slang terms and colloquial language


Most in-demand topics in political sciences:

You can get an idea of your PhD dissertation topic from the below-mentioned topics:

International relations topic:

This area in political science covers negotiations, conflicts and controversies occurring in the world. It also addresses other significant issues like security, environment, globalization, human rights and poverty.

  • Controversies related to the market distribution of GM food
  • Role of globalization and economic deficiency in global poverty
  • Impact of structural imbalance in domestic political areas on local politics, international relations and their global consequences

Comparative politics:

This area of political science evaluates and addresses diverse conflicts, institution analysis and domestic politics using empirical approaches like comparative methods. Suppose you are interested in comparative politics and are considering choosing your PhD dissertation topic. In that case, you should address the method, implementation and analysis of political science problems instead of giving your attention to the subject. The list below is some of the leading dissertation topics in comparative politics:

  • Comparative analysis of foreign policies of the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Role, impact and analysis of the Anglo-Saxon traits in UK and USA government, a comparative study
  • Analysis of cultural pressure between the UK and the USA
  • Determining the contribution of comparative economic policy to the industrial policy


Public administration:

This subject covers the study of routine activities of agencies that introduce policies, agencies that implement laws, government structures and public administrators. This subject is associated with the sociology field and covers the following topics:

  • Methods, impacts and factors affecting community development
  • Innovation of private sectors in the UK
  • Strategic planning and fiscal management

Public law:

This area of political science deals with relationship studies between the state and the public. It covers various topics like taxes, criminal legislation, and administrative and constitutional law. It differs from public law that covers personal issues, private businesses, families and small groups. This area focuses on the relationships between citizens and administrative authorities. For instance, a review or plea to the state authority by a member of society falls under it. Although it is a complex study, it encircles some exciting topics, like:

  • A review of the Human Rights Act 1998
  • Common morality and criminal law
  • Commercial exploitation or privacy law
  • National security complaints and civil liberties

Philosophy research:

This area in political science covers fundamental state legislation, legal code mechanics, democracy, justice, liberty and government. Various PhD dissertation topics in this area address ethics application in newly set-up societies. If you are considering this area, then you have a lot to write in your dissertation.

  • Need for engineering policy in the UK
  • Philosophical analysis on education and poverty in UK children
  • Case study on the usury of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK


Political theory:

Political theory is the most crucial subject in the political sciences. This subject addresses the work and legacies of political theories. It is not associated with providing solutions to global problems. However, it is an exciting subject. For PhD dissertation, you can choose the following topics:

  • Challenges faced in justice and liberty
  • Theory of Governance, philosophy of Aristotle
  • John Austin Theory


To be a political science student sure is challenging. However, if you wish to seek a career in politics and choose the best topic for your PhD dissertation to help you ace your grade and a plus point for your career, then you are on the right platform. This article helps you choose the most suitable topic based on your interest and get tips on making your dissertation flawless and perfect.