It also requires no professional qualifications

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And the recipe for this is given to you through an adventure in Sandra WoTLK Gold marches in the Burning Crusade, which is the reason that a large portion of black kids aren't aware of it. You can make use of this technique to combine engineering with either herbalism or mining and gather clouds while flying around. Or you can find the location that has several gas clouds that are located close to each other and combine them with a Gold farm or mobs of farmers. And my personal favorite gold farm in Wrath is actually exactly what it says.

It combines a mob farm with just clowns to boost the gold prepper's experience significantly. The methods and locations are provided in my classic wrath gold guide, which has been once again , for the third time listed below in the way. Next up rogue pickpocket farming. More of an orangey kind of farm. It can give you 200 gold per hour, or it could provide you with 1500 gold per hour. It all depends on your luck. However, it is an extremely fun way to earn gold. This can also be extremely lucrative.

It also requires no professional qualifications whatsoever. Since you're not doing anything, it doesn't require any equipment either however it is restricted to one particular class only, aka rogues. That makes this kind of style of creation a bit exclusive. One form has been discovered that is quite amazing. It's located at Sholazar Basin all the way towards the north, up the mountain to pickpocket the zombies. However, I am believing that this is been the rift will be way over WOW WoTLK Classic Gold farmed. There are a lot of places in Northland where you can earn many gold coins from pickingpocketing.