Top Safety Tips For Seniors Using A Wheelchair

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Mobility tools enhance the physical health of seniors with disabilities and allow them to reclaim their prosperous and independent lives.

Mobility tools enhance the physical health of seniors with disabilities and allow them to reclaim their prosperous and independent lives.With the development of innovative technologies and Best disability equipment NZ -wide, disabled people are eliminating pressure sores and the progression of deformities, along with improving respiration and digestion.While mobility devices are remarkable and sophisticated, they also pose a safety risk if individuals are not appropriately trained for the use. As a caregiver, you should understand the proper use of mobility tools and train your elder ones for the utmost safety. So, here are some vital safety tips you must consider:

Use Brakes When Necessary

Manual wheelchairs come with brakes that you apply when the chair is not in motion. You can use them when the patient is not planning to go anywhere, and you should also apply breaks when transferring a patient from the chair to bed and vice versa.

If you allow the patient to lock and unlock the chair themselves, then brake extensions will help them efficiently manage the motion. And always follow the guidelines provided by the doctor for head positioning, belts, and trays.

Ensure That The Patient Is Comfortable

Sitting in a wheelchair can cause long-term pain and discomfort to your elders. That’s why using a back support and seat cushion is always advisable to increase comfort. And if a healthcare professional has given extra guidelines on using a wheelchair, then reminding your loved one becomes necessary.

The right cushioning will help your elder manage pressure redistribution and posture when sitting in a wheelchair for long periods. You must ensure the cushion is placed properly before transferring the patient into the chair.

Get The Vision Checked Regularly

If you want to let your elder one live a more independent life without constant support and monitoring, then you must ensure they have a healthy vision before they access disability equipment NZ, to prevent unforeseen events.

By conducting regular eye checkups, you can ensure the patient can clearly see depth on certain surfaces, such as inclines, poles, parking barriers, and more. And it also helps them to get in and out of the chair easily.

Exercise Consistently

To make your elder easily operate a wheelchair and maintain appropriate joint and muscle function, you should make an exercise routine for them. This mainly includes upper body exercises, so the patient can easily adjust in the chair and get up and sit down with no assistance.

However, you must consult a healthcare professional or a physical therapist to develop a plan to meet your medical needs and goals.


Mobility tools have become an integral part of the lives of people with disabilities. The most common reason why many patients seek assistance when using disability equipment NZ;is because they don’t feel comfortable and safe.

It’s your duty to prioritise your elder’s safety and help them use the equipment appropriately. Using proper body mechanics and tool features will help the patient get a comfortable mobility experience.

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