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P.S.It-PassportsがGoogle Driveで共有している無料の2023 Microsoft AZ-204ダンプ:

我々It-Passportsは一番行き届いたアフタサービスを提供します。Microsoft AZ-204試験問題集を購買してから、一年間の無料更新を楽しみにしています。あなたにMicrosoft AZ-204試験に関する最新かつ最完備の資料を勉強させ、試験に合格させることだと信じます。もしあなたはAZ-204試験に合格しなかったら、全額返金のことを承諾します。

AZ-204学習教材は、国際市場で非常に人気があり、サークル内外の人々から幅広い賞賛を受けています。 AZ-204試験問題を有名でトップランクのブランドに作り上げました。クライアントからは当然の評判を得ています。 AZ-204学習教材は、他の同じ種類の製品にはない多くの優れた優れた利点を後押しします。クライアントは、It-Passports購入前にDeveloping Solutions for Microsoft Azure教材を試用してダウンロードできます。支払いが完了したら、すぐにAZ-204トレーニングガイドを使用できます。


AZ-204試験の準備方法|権威のあるAZ-204関連日本語内容試験|ハイパスレートのDeveloping Solutions for Microsoft Azure資格トレーニング

AZ-204の実際の試験の品質を確保するために、多くの努力をしました。私たちの会社は何百人もの専門家を雇うことに多額のお金を費やし、彼らは作品を書くためにチームを作りました。これらの専門家の資格は非常に高いです。 AZ-204学習ガイドに関する豊富な知識と豊富な経験があります。これらの専門家は、AZ-204の学習資料が公式に全員と面談するまでに多くの時間を費やしました。そして、AZ-204の実際の試験の内容について科学的な取り決めを行いました。優れたAZ-204試験問題でAZ-204試験に合格できます。

Microsoft Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure 認定 AZ-204 試験問題 (Q144-Q149):

質問 # 144
You are using Azure Front Door Service.
You are expecting inbound files to be compressed by using Brotli compression. You discover that inbound XML files are not compressed. The files are 9 megabytes (MB) in size.
You need to determine the root cause for the issue.
To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



Box 1: No
Front Door can dynamically compress content on the edge, resulting in a smaller and faster response to your clients. All files are eligible for compression. However, a file must be of a MIME type that is eligible for compression list.
Box 2: No
Sometimes you may wish to purge cached content from all edge nodes and force them all to retrieve new updated assets. This might be due to updates to your web application, or to quickly update assets that contain incorrect information.
Box 3: Yes
These profiles support the following compression encodings: Gzip (GNU zip), Brotli Reference:

質問 # 145
You are developing an ASP.NET Core web application. You plan to deploy the application to Azure Web App for Containers.
The application needs to store runtime diagnostic data that must be persisted across application restarts. You have the following code:

You need to configure the application settings so that diagnostic data is stored as required.
How should you configure the web app's settings? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




質問 # 146
You develop an ASP.NET Core MVC application. You configure the application to track webpages and custom events.
You need to identify trends in application usage.
Which Azure Application Insights Usage Analysis features should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate features to the correct requirements. Each feature may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




質問 # 147
You need to store the user agreements.
Where should you store the agreement after it is completed?

  • A. Azure Event Hub
  • B. Azure Storage queue
  • C. Azure Event Grid topic
  • D. Azure Service Bus topic


Azure Event Hub is used for telemetry and distributed data streaming.
This service provides a single solution that enables rapid data retrieval for real-time processing as well as repeated replay of stored raw data. It can capture the streaming data into a file for processing and analysis.
It has the following characteristics:
low latency
capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second
at least once delivery
Topic 1, Contoso, Ltd
Azure Active Directory
Contoso, Ltd. uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for both internal and guest accounts.
The company's data science group built ContentAnalysisService which accepts user generated content as a string and returns a probable value for inappropriate content. Any values over a specific threshold must be reviewed by an employee of Contoso, Ltd.
You must create an Azure Function named CheckUserContent to perform the content checks.
You must minimize costs for all Azure services.
Manual review
To review content, the user must authenticate to the website portion of the ContentAnalysisService using their Azure AD credentials. The website is built using React and all pages and API endpoints require authentication. In order to review content a user must be part of a ContentReviewer role. All completed reviews must include the reviewer's email address for auditing purposes.
High availability
All services must run in multiple regions. The failure of any service in a region must not impact overall application availability.
An alert must be raised if the ContentUploadService uses more than 80 percent of available CPU cores.
You have the following security requirements:
Any web service accessible over the Internet must be protected from cross site scripting attacks.
All websites and services must use SSL from a valid root certificate authority.
Azure Storage access keys must only be stored in memory and must be available only to the service.
All Internal services must only be accessible from internal Virtual Networks (VNets).
All parts of the system must support inbound and outbound traffic restrictions.
All service calls must be authenticated by using Azure AD.
User agreements
When a user submits content, they must agree to a user agreement. The agreement allows employees of Contoso, Ltd. to review content, store cookies on user devices, and track user's IP addresses.
Information regarding agreements is used by multiple divisions within Contoso, Ltd.
User responses must not be lost and must be available to all parties regardless of individual service uptime. The volume of agreements is expected to be in the millions per hour.
Validation testing
When a new version of the ContentAnalysisService is available the previous seven days of content must be processed with the new version to verify that the new version does not significantly deviate from the old version.
Users of the ContentUploadService report that they occasionally see HTTP 502 responses on specific pages.

質問 # 148
You need to configure the Account Kind, Replication, and Storage tier options for the corporate website's Azure Storage account.
How should you complete the configuration? To answer, select the appropriate options in the dialog box in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




質問 # 149

AZ-204ガイド資料の改革に関する専門家の絶え間ない努力により、AZ-204テストの準備中に最短時間で集中してターゲットを絞ることができ、複雑で曖昧なコンテンツを簡素化できます。 。私たちIt-PassportsのAZ-204研究急流の助けを借りて、あなたは同じ時間でより有用な何かをするためにあなたのフラグメント時間を最大限に活用することを学ぶので、あなたはあなたの仲間の労働者よりも独特です。弊社のAZ-204模擬テストの上記のすべてのサービスにより、より多くの時間、省エネ、省力化を実現できます。


Microsoft AZ-204関連日本語内容 この認証を持っていたら、あなたは自分の夢を実現できます、Microsoft AZ-204関連日本語内容 それはIT専門家達は出題のポイントをよく掴むことができて、実際試験に出題される可能性があるすべての問題を問題集に含めることができますから、Microsoft AZ-204関連日本語内容 当社の製品は、必要な学習教材を提供します、ITの専門者はMicrosoftのAZ-204認定試験があなたの願望を助けって実現できるのがよく分かります、MicrosoftのAZ-204の認証試験を準備しているあなたは、自分がトレーニングを選んで、しかも次の問題を受かったほうがいいです、MicrosoftのAZ-204「Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure」の試験はあなたの職場生涯で重要な画期的な出来事になり、新しいチャンスを発見するかもしれません。


有難いAZ-204関連日本語内容 & 合格スムーズAZ-204資格トレーニング | ハイパスレートのAZ-204必殺問題集


ちなみに、It-Passports AZ-204の一部をクラウドストレージからダウンロードできます:

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