Free PDF Quiz 2023 ADX-271: Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites–Valid Download Free Dumps

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To prepare for the ADX-271 exam, candidates should have a solid understanding of Salesforce fundamentals, including data modeling, security, and administration. They should also have experience working with Salesforce Experience Cloud and familiarity with web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Salesforce offers a variety of training resources and study materials to help candidates prepare for the ADX-271 exam, including online courses, study guides, and practice exams.

Salesforce ADX-271 certification exam is a 90-minute exam that tests the candidate's knowledge of creating and managing experience cloud sites. ADX-271 exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that are based on various topics such as site design, site development, site administration, and integration with other Salesforce products. The passing score for this certification exam is 65%.

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Latest Salesforce ADX-271 Exam Test - Interactive ADX-271 Course

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Achieving the ADX-271 certification can open up a range of career opportunities for professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem. Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites certification is ideal for individuals who are responsible for managing digital experiences for their organizations, such as digital marketers, web developers, and site administrators. By demonstrating their expertise in Experience Cloud, certified professionals can increase their value to their organizations and enhance their career prospects in the rapidly growing field of digital marketing and customer experience management.

Salesforce Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites Sample Questions (Q96-Q101):

How can you launch a support community with live chat, click to call, and case creation form?

  • A. Enable Live Agent in Community Settings.
  • B. Add a custom Live Agent Lightning component.
  • C. Set up Live Agent in Community Management.
  • D. Configure Live Agent in the Salesforce org.

Answer: B

A consultant recently finished gathering requirements for a Cloud Kicks (CK) project that will launch five new Customer Experience Cloud sites worldwide, all on a brand new Salesforce org. The purpose of these sites is to a generate buzz around new CK models and crowdsource new ideas for the RAD department. The consultant knows Multiple Books that they need to enable moderation and rate limit rules as part of their planning and must meet the following requirements:
* Each site must have three unique content moderation rules that flag specific keywords.
* Each site must have four unique rate rules that govern posting limits.
* All authenticated users must be able to post on demand. Calculator
What should the consultant consider doing before beginning work on these sites?

  • A. Notify the stakeholders that the number of both moderation and rate rules exceeds the org limit.
  • B. Notify the stakeholders that the number of rate rules, but not content moderation rules, exceeds the org limit.
  • C. Notify the stakeholders that the number of content moderation rules, but not rate rules, exceeds the org limit.
  • D. Ensure that both the notify and freeze actions for all site rate rules are implemented.

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) has built a Community in a sandbox where it is in Active status. UC is getting ready to deploy the Community in production where it is currently Inactive. UC wants to ensure the welcome email is only sent to users after the Community is changed to Active status. Which three options should be validated to ensure the welcome email is not sent out ahead of schedule?
Choose 3 answers
Select one or more of the following:

  • A. Turn the sandbox Community to Inactive status before deploying the metadata to production
  • B. Add the Community user profile(s) as members of the Community before activating production
  • C. Uncheck "Send Welcome Email" in production Workspaces before deployment
  • D. Deploy the changes to production using change sets to disable the welcome email
  • E. Change the Community membership of sandbox Community users from Profiles to Permission Sets

Answer: C,D

A Community Cloud consultant distributes the specialised real estate management Community using a Lightning Bolt solution. Which two items can be included in the Lightning Bolt solution? Choose 2 Answers Select one or more of the following:

  • A. Standard lightning community templates
  • B. Custom applications
  • C. AppExchange applications
  • D. Flows and flow categories

Answer: A,D

Dreamscape flowers is looking to launch a public site for its current customers and prospects.
Which three actions are performed automatically when a site is created Expense Cloud?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Creation of a guest user record
  • B. Creation of sharing mechanisms that are available only to guest users
  • C. Creation of a guest role
  • D. Creation of a guest profile
  • E. Creation of moderation criteria that are applied only to guest users

Answer: A,B,D


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