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SAP E-HANAAW-17 certification exam is an excellent opportunity for experienced ABAP developers to enhance their skills and validate their expertise in using ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0. SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 certification is highly valued by employers and can lead to better career opportunities and higher salaries. By attending the SAP ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 training course and preparing for the exam, candidates can improve their chances of passing the exam and becoming certified.

SAP E_HANAAW_17 exam, also known as the SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 exam, is designed for developers who are skilled in ABAP programming and want to validate their knowledge and expertise in developing ABAP applications for SAP HANA. E_HANAAW_17 exam is based on the latest version of SAP HANA 2.0 and covers topics such as ABAP development tools, data modeling, and performance optimization techniques. Passing E_HANAAW_17 exam will demonstrate your ability to develop efficient and high-quality ABAP applications for SAP HANA, which is an essential skill for any developer working with SAP HANA.

SAP E_HANAAW_17 exam is designed for individuals who want to become certified in ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0. E_HANAAW_17 exam measures the candidate's knowledge and skills in developing and optimizing ABAP applications that run on SAP HANA. It tests the candidate's ability to develop and implement ABAP programming models that leverage the power of SAP HANA, including SQL and CDS views, AMDP, and ABAP Managed Database Procedures.

Answers SAP E_HANAAW_17 Real Questions

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SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 Sample Questions (Q96-Q101):

Which of the below statements are true for SAP HANA Studio? (3 right answers)

  • A. SAP HANA Studio can be used to manage the SAP HANA database, to create and manage user authorizations, to create new or modify existing models of data etc
  • B. SAP HANA Studio is integrated in SAP GUI 7.40
  • C. SAP HANA Studio is an Eclipse-based, integrated development environment (IDE) that is used to develop artifacts in a HANA server.
  • D. SAP HANA Studio is a client tool, which can be used to access local or remote HANA system.

Answer: A,C,D

You want to debug an ABAP program using ABAP development tools (ADT). How do you launch the debugger? Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. Create a debug configuration for the ABAP application and run the program
  • B. Choose the debug as option in the context menu of the ABAP program
  • C. Choose the Run -- Debug options in the menu
  • D. Set a breakpoint in the ABAP program and execute the program

Answer: D

Which functional problem can you detect when using the Runtime Check Monitor (SRTCM )?

  • A. Missing ORDER BY or SORT after SELECT
  • B. Use of Native SQL and DB Hints
  • C. Direct access to table pools/cluster
  • D. Existence check for secondary indexes

Answer: A

Which conditional expressions can be used in Core Data Services (CDS) views? 2 ans

  • A. CASE statements in the HAVING clause
  • B. CASE statements in the projection list
  • C. IF statements in the projection list
  • D. COALESCE functions in the projection list
  • E. WHILE statements in the WHERE clause

Answer: B,D

Where can you consume associations in a Core Data Services (CDS) view? 3 ans

  • A. In the input parameter list
  • B. In the projection list
  • C. In the FROM clause
  • D. In the WHERE and HAVING clauses
  • E. In the name list

Answer: B,C,D


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