Fanny Packs: What are they and Why are they so Popular?

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Fanny Packs: What are they and Why are they so Popular?

Unbelievably, one of the hottest bag styles for 2022 is the fanny pack. This icon from the 1980s is making a significant appearance on the global scene.

Here is our guide to one of 2022's most surprising trends: the fanny pack. Whether you anticipate utilizing one for quick trips to the grocery store, as a little purse, or for a romantic night out on the town.

What are Fanny Packs?

The fundamental question of "What are fanny packs?" must be addressed first. These bags, also known as fannies, fanny packs, belt bags, waist bags, belly bags, or belt pouches, are characterized by their diminutive size and the fact that they are fastened to a belt clasp—typically a buckle.

These dependable, lightweight bags can be carried across the body by slinging them over the shoulder.

When did Fanny Packs become Popular?

The fanny pack almost screams the 1980s. They were popular during the era of awful perms, loud colors, power struggles, and fitness gear. For bag lovers' benefit, the fanny pack has held up rather well over time.

Other styles from that era might be destined to look obsolete forever, but the fanny pack's numerous advantages—such as its practicality and compactness—have made it worthwhile to incorporate into modern style.

How are fanny packs worn?

Fanny packs are typically worn around the waist, serving as a handy alternative to pockets. But more recently, stylish individuals have reinvented the look by wearing the bag over the shoulder. This produces a sporty, minimalist aesthetic appropriate for followers of the normcore or health goth styles.

The benefits of this hands-free backpack are unmistakable, and a fanny pack's function has never been more obvious. In addition to the over-the-shoulder look, which has become a fashionable way to wear fanny packs, leather belt bags that wrap around the hips are also a cute and trendy way to wear this look.

Below are the styles to wear the fanny pack:

  • Position the pack itself in front of your chest after fastening your fanny pack together and slinging it over one shoulder.
  • To bring attention to your fanny pack, wear it as a belt, sling it over your jacket, or tuck it inside your shirt.
  • Put on a basic fitted tee and cinch your waist pack around your fanny pack. After that, add a jacket to finish the look.
  • Fanny packs with strong colors will stand out a little more than those in black, which go with everything. Choose a fanny pack in a solid color if you're putting together an everyday, casual outfit.
  • Use your fanny pack as an accent item if the rest of your outfit is a touch too simple. Choose one with a striking pattern and vibrant colors to coordinate your entire ensemble.
  • A fanny pack is acceptable attire for semi-formal occasions. For a night out, choose a tiny clutch-sized fanny pack to go with dresses or suits.
  • The classic fanny pack is ideal for daily wear. Pick up a sizable, baggy fanny pack to wear on your hikes, outings with friends, or to school.
  • You can wear this timeless appearance practically anyplace. Wear a fanny pack with your preferred t-shirt and jeans and sling it over your hips for an enjoyable day at a festival or a stroll in the park.


The use of a fanny pack has numerous advantages. The ideal size for a telephone, some hand sanitizer, and lipstick are in this compact, hands-free bag. It has evolved into a preferred bag to wear over the shoulder while riding or jogging or to bring along on hikes while wearing workout clothes.