Not Receiving Google Verification Code Text?

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If you are not receiving google verification code then this blog is useful for you. Because from this blog you can get your answer.

It might be pretty annoying if you are not able to get the verification code for Google on Gmail that is why in this article we are going to provide you some ways which will help you solve the problem of Gmail not receiving verification emails

You might face the problem of Google verification code for Gmail if you have opted or enabled two-step verification for your account in order to make your account more secure. So we are here to help you with the problem you are facing and for this you just need to go through the tips we have given you. 

Tips to solve the issue – 


  • The users need to check whether the server of Gmail is working to not and if not then you would not be able to get Google verification code
  • Switch the current internet connection which might be the reason for the problem. 
  • You can change the device you are using and if it is also not working then try to do it again after some time. 


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