This course will not give you the same rate of return

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While having Karamja Gloves 4 players OSRS GP gain 10% more learning from this agility course. This makes Brimhaven Agility Arena the most effective training system for training beyond level 80. After level 99 it is impossible to get past hurdles on this Arena which makes training even more lucrative. When you complete this course, you get special tickets that you can later exchanged for additional Agility experience.

To maximize the amount of exp you'll get make sure you submit your tickets in a amounts of 1,000. You also want to complete the transaction at the highest quality level of ability as the exp ratios will increase as you level up. It is best to submit tickets at level 90 to maximize possible earnings from exp.

Although Brimhaven is the ideal area for training Agility above 80 levels, there's an alternative for those wanting to earn Marks of Grace. Elite tasks in Ardougne diary award players with 25% bonus on Mark Of Grace droppings in Ardougne course. If you'd like to mine the drops for gold or choose something different rather than Brimhaven it is one option.

If you're over 80 Agility and you don't have/don't need to purchase Karamja gloves 4 you can head to Rellekka and begin to train there. This isn't a match for Brimhaven Arena, but it is adequate in terms of times per hour.

This course will not old school runescape buy gold give you the same rate of return than the Rellekka course - these levels of training are really boring so every different kind of training comes in handy. Great course to do If you're bored of both Rellekka and Brimhaven but you're not past 90 yet.