Han Yu's Male God's Daily Life After Marriage

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Father and Xiao Qi stand facing each other, and the undercurrent is turbulent in silence. I closed my eyes quietly, as if I saw the surging blood flowing through the jade steps of the palace gate. The life-and-death struggle for the change of the throne was finally settled.

If you get something suddenly, you will be more worried about gains and losses and afraid of losing it. Five-year-old Zheng yuanxia doesn't know what insecurity is, but he's already experiencing it. I don't know why, Piao Haiyin felt a little heavy in her heart. She kissed Zheng yuanxia again and promised gently: "I promise you, I won't go out alone in the future. Shall we go out together with yuanxia?" Zheng yuanxia shook his head and said word by word, "Just accompany me all the time." Piao Haiyin paused and finally nodded and said one word: "Good." Zheng yuanxia's sullen face cleared up. He stretched out his hands to hook Piao Haiyin's neck and kissed her twice on the face, like a reward. Piao Haiyin was amused by his little devil. He fell on the bed with him in his arms. The laughter lasted for a long time. After dinner, Piao Haiyin's cell phone rang. The ringtone was the title song of her male God's personal album. As soon as she heard the ringtone, Zheng yuanxia immediately raised her head and looked at her with shining eyes. Piao Haiyin is also a little strange, she just bought a mobile phone in the afternoon just do the card, in addition to Zheng sister should no one know, Zheng sister something to find her? While pondering took out the mobile phone, Piao Haiyin saw the caller ID on the screen, almost did not surprised to throw the mobile phone out, where did she get her husband?! Then she remembered that now she had become a yellow-faced woman,gold cil machine, not to mention her husband, the baby could play soy sauce, Piao Haiyin was a little sad, for the naughty "sister-in-law", she just wanted to say a word-you come here and I promise I won't kill you. Although hesitant,tin beneficiation plant, Piao Haiyin still rushed to the last second of the bell to connect the phone, just said a "hello" word did not follow, now Piao Haiyin some guilty, she seems to have severely prodigal once today, do not see the consumption list of steamed bun father will not vomit blood, maybe the call is to ask for punishment.. Piao Haiyin was ready to be scolded with her tail between her legs. As a result, his father's tone was as gentle as ever. He seemed to be in a good mood. He exchanged greetings with her, such as "Have you eaten yet", "What to eat", "What to do now" and other very nutritious topics. Piao Haiyin, who had not been questioned, gold shaking table ,manganese beneficiation plant, could not sit still and voluntarily confessed: "I will go to defeat this afternoon." Oh, no, shopping. "I know." Zheng Yunhao said with a smile, "Since the doctor said you can go out for a walk properly, don't stay in the hospital in the future. What do you want to buy? Ask wisdom to accompany you. If you don't want to find wisdom and want to drive by yourself, I can ask someone to drive the car at home for you first. But you have slept for so long. You should pay more attention to driving and practice in places where there are fewer people first." Chapter XII "It's not urgent to practice driving." In fact, her driving skills are not bad. Piao Haiyin thought that the steamed bun father probably didn't know how many things she bought today, so he didn't care. When he returned his credit card, he probably couldn't laugh. Piao Haiyin thought that he was a person who was brave enough to take responsibility. He pulled Zheng Yunhao back from the topic. "Well, you may not know how many things I bought today and spent a lot of money.." "I know I got a text message." Zheng Yunhao took a look at the teammate who covered his mouth and winked. He withdrew his sight and did not care. He continued to smile. It was estimated that he heard the guilt in her voice. His tone was more gentle, with some comfort. "It doesn't matter. You can buy anything you like. Don't worry that I can't afford my credit card.". ” Hearing this, Piao Haiyin blinked his eyes. He was really a local tyrant. Let's be friends! Knowing that Baozi's father was a genuine local tyrant, Piao Haiyin, who wanted to make friends with the local tyrant, chatted back and forth with Baozi's father. I don't know how long the chat lasted. Piao Haiyin felt that her sleeve had been pulled. She lowered her head. Baozi opened his eyes wide and looked at her without blinking. Piao Haiying thought about it and handed his cell phone to him: "Talk to your father?" Zheng yuanxia was not polite. He took the mobile phone and grabbed her arm and climbed up with his hands and feet. Piao Haiyin held his stomach and sat on his lap with tacit understanding. The little steamed stuffed bun had a big smile on his face and shouted sweetly: "ABA!" I don't know what Baozi's father said on the other end of the phone, but the little Baozi turned to look at Piao Haiyin and pouted: "You don't take me when you go out." I can't believe I complained in front of her! Piao Haiyin certainly can't let the little steamed stuffed bun slander herself in front of the local tyrant friend she just made. She quickly interrupted: "Just once today, can't the first offender be forgiven?"? And we've agreed to go out together in the future. Zheng yuanxia pursed his lips, and his little face thought seriously for a while before nodding with difficulty: "All right." Then don't mention it again, OK? A man can't be so narrow-minded. Zheng yuan-hsia did not suffer losses either. He took the opportunity to ask, "You can't do it again." "I know, a kid whose mind is smaller than the tip of a needle!" Piao Haiyin stretched out his index finger and gently poked the forehead of the small steamed stuffed bun, with a helpless look. Zheng yuanxia raised his head back, but showed a brilliant smile towards Piao Haiyin. Piao Hae-in was not surprised to be dazzled by the smile of the small steamed stuffed bun. He lowered his head and put his forehead against his small forehead intimately, reminding him: "Take the time to chat with you." When the program you want to watch comes, you can't watch it. Zheng Yunhao on the other end of the phone heard the movement of the mother and son. The smile on his face became louder unconsciously, and his voice was as gentle as dripping water: "We yuan Xia are men. We have to take care of oma. Sometimes oma makes mistakes and forgives her, OK?" "Good." Zheng yuanxia nodded and rarely took the initiative to ask, "When will you come back?" "I'll be back in two weeks, and I'll have a long, long time to accompany yuan Xia, okay?" Zheng yuanxia paused and said, "Keep your word." "Well, keep your word." As soon as Zheng Yunhao finished, Shen Changmin next to him couldn't wait to come over and say loudly,Carbon in Pulp, "Baby, I heard you were very happy recently. Did you think of your uncle when you were so happy?" Zheng yuanxia's face remained unchanged and he uttered a word: "Yes." Shen Changmin instantly smiled and said, "Uncle will bring gifts to Xiaoyuanxia when he goes back next week." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com