The imperial industry

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Father and Xiao Qi stand facing each other, and the undercurrent is turbulent in silence. I closed my eyes quietly, as if I saw the surging blood flowing through the jade steps of the palace gate. The life-and-death struggle for the change of the throne was finally settled.

Father and Xiao Qi stand facing each other, and the undercurrent is turbulent in silence. I closed my eyes quietly, as if I saw the surging blood flowing through the jade steps of the palace gate. The life-and-death struggle for the change of the throne was finally settled. Those who die will turn to dust and be buried forever under the power of heaven. After the court, the emperor and his aunt retreated to the inner hall, and the officials filed out. Xiao Wei walked to his father, and the two of them talked with a smile in the hall, like a pair of virtuous and filial son-in-law. The elder brother leaned back and went out, as if he did not want to be perfunctory with Xiao. I want to chase my brother, follow him home, and see my mother. After all, I just sat motionless. Back here, it's no longer that free time, and I can't do whatever I want. Princess Shangyang can be carefree and run back to her parents' house to act like a spoiled child, while Princess Yuzhang must closely follow the side of King Yuzhang and not make mistakes. Watching my brother leave the hall, farther and farther away, I had to stare blankly at my fingertips. In a trance, I think of the wedding day, full of beautiful light, sitting high, watching others manipulate everything, but I can only remain silent, like a flawless jade doll. The empress has a decree to announce an audience with Princess Yuzhang. A shrill voice sounded behind him, but when he looked back, he saw a Chamberlain standing respectfully in the doorway. It was Grandfather Xue, and I recognized him as an old palace man who had been with my aunt for many years. He bowed down and smiled. "Can the princess still recognize the old slave after a long absence?" As soon as my aunt left the court,mineral flotation, she told me to have an audience with her, but I didn't know how to face her. For a moment, I was so confused that I forced a smile. "Grandfather Xue, I haven't seen you for a long time." "Please ask the princess to move to the palace." Grandfather Xue led me all the way to Zhonggong. Familiar corridors, palaces, courtyards, flowers and trees, everywhere is the year.. I bowed my head. I can't bear to look around. Everything in front of the Zhaoyang Hall is the same as before. I stopped and stood in silence for a moment, leaving the maids outside the hall and walking slowly in alone. In the past,coltan ore processing, when I went in and out of the Zhaoyang Hall, I never needed an attendant to report to me. Today, when the guards in front of the hall saw me, they bowed their heads and stepped down. Empress Qizuo, Princess Yuzhang had an audience with her. Grandfather Xue knelt down at the door. The sound of the inner hall ring, walking in a hurry, the familiar smell of incense suddenly brought me back to the past. Is it Awa? Aunt turned out of the screen and came quickly. She had not changed her court clothes yet, and her footsteps were slightly superficial. When I finally got close to her and saw her face clearly, I was stunned. Heavy palace powder can't hide the wrinkles on her forehead and eyes. I saw her when I returned to Beijing on the Lantern Festival this year. In just half a year, my aunt seems to have aged for ten years! I was standing on the temple, only a few steps away from her, but she looked at me with scattered eyes. Is Awa here? My aunt still smiled gracefully and narrowed her eyes to see me clearly. I hurriedly rushed forward to help her, "aunt, it's me!" In an instant, a cold light swept up behind him. I am all too familiar with the light of the knife, the murderous look and the danger. Be careful. "Without thinking, I threw myself at my aunt and pushed her aside.". Almost at the same time, sodium cyanide price ,small gold wash plant, the figure of Chu color rushed to our eyes and raised his knife to cut us down, "Demon Queen, accept life!" I pushed my aunt down and fell down beside her. The bright blade cut the air, and between the lightning, I only knew how to hold my aunt and protect her under my body. The bright light of the knife made his eyes pale, his arms slightly cold, and the ladies of the court were screaming everywhere, and there was a big mess. I looked up and saw the ferocious face of Grandfather Xue. His pink face was twisted and horrible. The short blade in his hand missed one point and did not stab me. He was dragged from behind by Yuxiu, who hugged his knife arm and bit his elbow. "Grandfather Xue cried out in pain and struggled. He raised his knife and cut Yuxiu's head." Somebody, there's an assassin! The ladies in the palace screamed and ran, and someone rushed up to resist, and one of them suddenly ran into him. Grandfather Xue shook his body and the blade hit Yuxiu on the shoulder. I dragged up my aunt and rushed to the door of the temple regardless of everything. The guards in front of the temple and my maids had heard the sound. However, the steps of the Zhaoyang Hall were so long that my aunt suddenly stumbled and tripped over her long skirt as she watched the guards arrive. I was dragged unsteadily by her, and they fell down together, and my aunt kept screaming, "Somebody-" Under the heavy court clothes, there was something hard on my waist, and I suddenly remembered that it was Xiao's dagger! There was a scream behind him, and the shrill voice of neither man nor woman roared closer. I gritted my teeth and drew my sword, struggling to get up, only to see Yuxiu half bathed in blood, clinging to Grandfather Xue's leg. Grandfather Xue returned and raised his knife to cut off Yu Xiu again, with his back facing me. I held the sword in both hands and threw it out, with all my strength on the five-inch cold blade that cut iron like mud. The blade reached the hilt, and the muffled sound of flesh and blood was clear to my ears. I suddenly drew my sword, and the blood shot, and a scarlet splashed in front of my eyes. Grandfather Xue turned around stiffly, stared at me, and slowly raised his knife. The figure flashed, a bodyguard jumped up, kicked the blade in his hand, left and right spears and halberds, and nailed him firmly to the ground! Grandfather Xue's round, fat, white face turned ashen, blood gushed from his lips, and he was dying with a sharp laugh. "Your Majesty, the old slave is useless!" My whole body was weak, and I held the dagger tightly and dared not let go. Until now, the cold sweat came out through my clothes. Just a moment, knife light, killing, life and death. Everything is settled. Aw, Aw! My aunt bent over the ground, trembling, and held out her hand to me. I quickly bent over to help her, but found myself trembling, my feet were soft, and I knelt down beside my aunt. Did it hurt you? She hugged me and touched my body hurriedly, but when she touched the greasy blood on my hands, she screamed again. Aunt is not afraid, I'm all right, it's all right. I hugged her hard and realized that she was so thin that she had almost only a handful of bones. My aunt stared at me for a moment. Her eyes were dull and she gasped. "Well, you're all right. We're all right." "Report to the queen that the assassin Xue Daoan has been killed!" The guards in front of the temple knelt down and said. Aunt body a stiff,coltan ore processing, suddenly furious, "waste, are a group of waste!"! What do I want you to do? Kill me! Kill! 。