Quickly wear the plunder of Goldfinger

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A boy elbowed Li Haotian, "were you really dumped by her?"? What's the background of her new one? The car he drives costs more than 10 million! Tut, rich people are different. Driving a car is the money we can't earn in our lifetime. Brother, take it easy, people go up. Li Haotian's face is livid. Why is Bai Wenqing so disgusting? Yesterday I went to his dormitory to show off, but today I embarrassed him in front of the whole class. How dare I humiliate him like this! He is a man of seven feet in vain if he does not repay this humiliation! Wen Qing: excuse me? Who are you? Besides, you seem to be a little more than five feet, and you are really not a seven-foot man. Wen Qing went out of the school gate and went straight to a lottery shop. In the original story, Li Haotian used his perspective eyes to buy a scratch-off lottery and won five million yuan. Wen Qing scanned it with divine consciousness, found the five million scratch-off ticket, and paid for it. Tang Xiaonian came over and asked, "Why did you buy this?"? Tell me if you are short of money and I will give it to you. It's all a lie, and the chances of winning the lottery are small. Eh? Eh? You won five million?! Wen Qing threw five million yuan to him, "help me donate it, donate it to the poor mountainous areas, donate it to the widowed elderly, in short, to the people in need." "Eh?"? All right. Tang Nian subconsciously agreed. The shopkeeper is still dumbfounded, his shop has opened five million! What are you waiting for? Hurry up to make a banner! Whenever there is a big prize, it is bound to stimulate a large number of consumers! He has been able to see the increase of turnover! By the time he came to his senses, the Lord had gone, leaving Tang Nian holding the lottery ticket. "What are you waiting for?"? Hurry up to change the prize! His Qing Qing is really not those coquettish bitches outside, not for money to be with him at all! Five million said to donate, but also must be donated to the hands of people in need, so noble before he actually misunderstood that she was with him for money, really dirty ah! Wen Qing did not know that his casual move also whitewashed the money worship of Bai Wenqing before, so that Tang Nian looked at her with new eyes. The lottery shop at the school gate opened a grand prize of five million yuan, and immediately the whole school was alarmed, especially Li Haotian. Yes, since he can see through, he should go to buy lottery tickets! Aren't those scratch-offs invisible in his eyes? As a result, Li Haotian excitedly went to the lottery shop, which was already crowded with people and could not squeeze in. Li Haotian squeezed for a long time, finally squeezed to the front, looked at the scratch with perspective eyes, the result let him disappointed, there is no good prize. Forget it, the chance of winning the lottery is not big, just five million, it is estimated that the chance of winning the lottery is not big, he still think about other ways to make money. Chapter 71 Urban Power 3. Tang Nian was brought into a stone factory by Wen Qing. The stones on the ground were dusty, and there were calcite from time to time. The whole stone factory was always covered with dust, which made him frown. Qing Qing, if you want jade, let's go to the store to buy it. Buy the kind of clean and beautiful jade that suits you. These raw stones are dirty and ugly, and they may not be able to produce materials. Why buy them? Tang Nian said, pipe cantilever rack , "You don't have to save money for me, I can afford you!" "Shut up!" Wen Qing glared at him, and Tang Nian immediately shut up. After a while, Wen Qing's face softened and he came over again. "Qing Qing, I'll move it for you. Don't hurt your hand." Wen Qing unceremoniously stretched out his hand, "this piece, this piece, and these pieces.." She ordered nine pieces in a row and succeeded in making Tang Nian lose face. "Qing Qing, I can't move.." "What's the use of having you?" Wen Qing was so disgusted that she pushed him aside and called the boss to find someone to move her to the car. The boss smiled very kindly, "Miss, we have free calcite here, you don't have to start, there are calcite workers.." "No, I'll take it back and untie it slowly.". "Wen Qing does not want to refuse, certainly can not be solved here!"! Too striking, what emperor green violet pigeon blood, decades may not be able to produce a piece of the best jade material, have been encountered by the protagonist! But also other people do not want the waste, he used a very low price to buy! When I bought it, a lot of people looked at him like a fool. As a result, I was slapped in the face when I bought the calcite! Li Haotian stole the limelight and was noticed by the beautiful big boss who came to buy the jade material. Anyway, it's so cool in the original, but it doesn't stand up to scrutiny at all. Wen Qing bought these best jade materials in advance, Li Haotian did not have these jade materials to accumulate capital, see how he also flew up. On the way back, Wen Qing said to Tang Nian, "You untie these stones and auction them. The money from the auction will be used for charity." Tang Nian is not happy, he is a rich second generation who eats and waits for death, why always let him do things? What he did was good, and it didn't match his identity, okay? Wen Qing saw his reluctance at a glance, so he said solemnly, "If these things are sold, hundreds of millions of yuan can still be sold. I don't trust so much money to others at all. You are the only one I can trust. Tang Xiaonian, you won't let me down, right?" As soon as she said this, Tang Nian was so heroic that he patted his chest and promised, "Qing Qing, you can rest assured that I promise to do it beautifully for you!" Wen Qing laughs, this child. It's so easy to coax. Li Haotian suddenly remembered a way to make money. When he was a sophomore, he went to a seed factory in the city with others. Beautiful emeralds were wrapped in bread in the dusty stones, but no one could determine the situation inside before opening, so there was a gambling stone. Others can't, but he can! He has clairvoyant eyes now! I just don't know if I can see through the skin of those stones? No, this is a great treasure, he must try! So Li Haotian took all his assets, a thousand yuan, and went straight to the seed material factory. In the original novel, Li Haotian won five million yuan before he went to the seed factory. This time, five million yuan was gone, only one thousand yuan, and many stones could not afford it. omracking.com