Zhao Xiaoming is in love

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"I should go. I'm exhausted and I'm going back to bed." Zhao Xiaoming got up and said. Zhou Tian picked up his coat from the bed and put it on, saying, "I'll take you down." Zhao Xiaoming said, "No, I parked my car in the big parking lot on the other side of the library before I went to California. It's quite far.". I'll just walk by myself. Zhou Tian did not speak, Zhao Xiaoming picked up his bag, Zhou Tian went out with him, closed the door and said, "Let's go." The voice was soft, as if it were only a touch of the skin of the upper and lower lips. Walking in silence all the way. Walking through the woods. The leaves of the tree should become red and yellow, Zhao Xiaoming thought. Street lamps are scarce, only the moonlight shines down brightly, and the beautiful colors can not be seen. The slapstick scene with Zhou Tian in the woods that day seemed to have happened yesterday, and Zhou Tian's hesitant but hopeful eyes were like twinkling stars in the sky at the moment when his eyes met. The parking lot was empty, with only a few cars, like homeless children lost in the wild. Walking towards his car, Zhao Xiaoming pressed the remote control from a distance, and the car called "Didi" twice, happily like a child. After opening the car door and throwing the bag in, Zhao Xiaoming looked back at Zhou Tian and said, "Come up, I'll take you back." "No, go back quickly." Zhou Tian put his hands in his trousers pockets, one leg supported his center of gravity,Pallet rack supplier, and one leg kicked an empty can on the ground, shining brightly in the moonlight. "The moonlight is so good, I want to walk alone and walk back slowly." Zhao Xiaoming paused and said, "shall I walk with you?" Zhou Tian looked up at him, lowered his head again, and said, "I want to walk alone." Then he looked up at Zhao Xiaoming with a smile. The smile was slightly wiped from the corners of the mouth and solidified at the ends of the eyes. Zhao Xiaoming suddenly had an impulse to embrace the boy in front of him, but in the quiet and blurred moonlight, the air cooled the boiling blood. He started the car and the lights came on like the eyes of a naughty child. After making a turn,Industrial pallet rack, he stopped and rolled down the window. Zhao Xiaoming shouted to Zhou Tian, "Just go back. It's freezing outside." Zhou Tian shook his hand at him, indicating that he knew. When Zhao Xiaoming got home that night, he said hello to ah-may, took a bath and went to sleep. In my sleep, I felt very uncomfortable, and when I struggled to wake up in the middle of the night, the bottom was too hard, and the whole body was boiling hot. He turned over twice, and his heart was burning with desire. Simply take off his underwear, lift the quilt, half awake in front of his naked shadow, one hand to cover the sky, second-hand to cover the moon, the fire in the sky fell to the earth, the fire burned to the jungle across the lower abdomen, chest, Cantilever Storage rack ,Narrow aisle rack, neck, a rolling thunder, hot magma gushed out.. Zhao Xiaoming had a very solid time this week. Don't say sorry if you have loved. He sorted out the experimental materials he brought to California, booked air tickets, contacted him, and taught him how to drive when he was free. After a week, I practiced driving for four or five hours every day, and I learned 7788 on Sunday. Before leaving, Zhao Xiaoming urged Wu Mei to take the Sunday exam as soon as possible, and Wu Mei also agreed to come down. He said to Zhou Tian, "I will come back from San Francisco at the end of the year, and I want you to pick me up at the airport.". Zhou Tian just laughed. It's Sunday again, and it's finally time to go. This night, Zhou Tian cooked dinner at Zhao Xiaoming's house. They had a meal. Zhao Xiaoming washed the dishes and washed the pots tacitly. When the water was flowing, Zhao Xiaoming knew that he could not wait any longer. He turned to Zhou Tian and said, "Zhou Tian, stay here tonight.". I have something to say to you. Zhou Tian nodded, a little ignorant. The more I want to say, the more afraid I am. They were watching TV in the living room, and neither of them spoke first. When the clock struck ten, ah-may came back upstairs, taking off her thick windbreaker, wearing a noble evening dress and a slip dress, and her mouth was full of alcohol. Seeing the two boys sitting there, he laughed and said, "Oh, I'm back at a bad time." Zhao Xiaoming replied, "Oh, why are you so cold today?"? I didn't come back until I knew I was leaving tomorrow. Zhou Tian also said hello immediately. Wu Mei rushed to the room, took out a bottle of whiskey, picked up three glasses and poured them on, shouting, "I'm happy today. Come on, drink." I drank a cup in a panic. Two people have to accompany. After a few drinks, the woman sat on the sofa and hid her face and began to cry. Zhao Xiaoming panicked, and Zhou Tian looked at each other, each other can not guess how she is. I had to sit there. As soon as she patted her on the shoulder, ah-may plunged into his arms and hugged Zhao Xiaoming crying. Zhao Xiaoming thought what's wrong with this year? Everyone is ***ing weak-willed. Even Wu Mei, a woman, has fallen. Zhao Xiaoming had no choice but to hug her. For the first time in his life, he hugged a girl like this. He was a little panicked and did not know how to do it properly. Wu Mei cried on his shoulder for a while, but she didn't mean to stop. Zhao Xiaoming had to pat her on the back and see that the suspender on her shoulder was loosely tilted to one side, so he pulled it back and straightened it. Stop crying, huh? I don't owe you money for the room. Aren't we still together when we come back? Crying and laughing, Ah-may stopped crying, took the paper towel from Zhao Xiaoming's hand, wiped his eyes, and said angrily, "Who wants your two rooms? I.." I'm engaged today. He held out his hand to show Zhao Xiaoming the ring on his hand. Congratulations. I don't have to worry about getting married. Zhao Xiaoming sighed, "You have gold, but I have jade." Then he took out the green stone from his collar and showed it to ah-may, but he dared not glance at Zhou Tian. Very easy to stabilize ah-may, the heart is more emotional. I don't know what can make this girl face marriage resolutely. In fact,Pallet rack upright, whether Zhao Xiaoming is lesbian or not is even more innumerable. Everyone has his own destiny. May God bless every suffering soul, if it is really suffering. The two of them put the drunken ah-may to bed, then washed and coughed separately and went into the room. Zhou Tian sat on the bed and looked at Zhao Xiaoming. Zhao Xiaoming stood with his heart churning. There was only a lamp in the room. omracking.com