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Original Title: Exclusive Interpretation | How can Sichuan Airlines' 150 Business Vehicles Make Profits by Picking up Passengers Free of Charge? Case guide At Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, there is a very special scene. When you get off the plane, you will find that there are hundreds of business vehicles parked in the parking lot of the airport, but each vehicle has a sign on it: "free pick-up". Why is that? How to solve the purchase cost of hundreds of commercial vehicles and the cost of free passenger transport? How to transform? Today, Zeng Xiaoying's first practical case begins with the cross-border marketing model of Sichuan Airlines. Case transcript Hello, I am Zeng Xiaoying, the founder of Youbishang. In the process of providing services for enterprises on Youbi platform, I found that most enterprises today are still using price difference thinking to make money. It is very difficult for enterprises to make profits, and it is very difficult to operate. As an entrepreneur, are you also experiencing the following pains? First: the endless price war, the product profit is less and less, less and less profitable. The 2nd: The enterprise always lacks capital, lack talent, lack a client. Third, products and marketing methods are highly homogeneous. Fourth, waiting for customers in shops is too passive, and the rent of houses is too high. Fifth, the inherent business model is aging, and there is no way to adapt to more needs of enterprises. Sixth, always can not get out of the strange circle of price difference, no matter how much price reduction, will never retain customers. Peter Drucker, a management guru, said: "Nowadays, the competition between enterprises is no longer the competition of products, but the competition of business models." This is the best of times and the worst of times. Many businesses are quietly changing their sources of value. The way of making money in the past ten years may not work today, let alone in the future? Under the environment of high homogeneity of marketing means and fierce price competition, what kind of business model can quickly double the profits of your enterprise? The answer is the cross-border profit model. Expand the full text Cross-border profit model is a trend in the future. You should not only understand it, but also seize the opportunity. From today on, I will regularly share with you the cases of cross-border profitable business models, hoping that through the analysis of the cases, you can help your business make money,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, and the most important thing is to make your business valuable. The case we share today is The wool comes from the dog, let the pig pay the bill. Turn your business thinking upside down Case A company needs to purchase 150 commercial vehicles and 150 drivers to provide free transportation services for its customers. As an entrepreneur, if we use traditional thinking, do we have to pay for 150 cars, hire 150 drivers and pay the drivers? If this is the case, you do not have cash flow, it is a free service, then you have a good year, next year? What about the year after next? You will be more and more difficult. Analysis Then let's analyze this case. What are the related parties involved in this process? First of all, this is a company that needs to purchase cars. Secondly, there are automobile manufacturers. And the driver There are also related subjects such as customers. The key is that we should benefit every related subject. As an entrepreneur,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, how do you make decisions? Let's not keep you in suspense. Let's move on. Tips: How to buy cars at ultra-low prices Each of our entrepreneurs has the experience of taking a plane. Do we have to take another means of transportation to reach our destination after we get off the plane. At Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu, there is a very special scene. When you get off the plane, you will find hundreds of business vehicles parked in the parking lot of the airport, but each vehicle has the words "free pick-up" written on it. Sichuan Airlines needs to order 150 commercial vehicles from Popular Company at one time. The main purpose of this purchase is to extend the company's service space, improve the market competitiveness of the industry, and select high-quality commercial vehicles as Sichuan Airlines'service buses to improve the company's service level and competitiveness in the industry. For this reason, Sichuan Airlines has also customized a complete vehicle selection process. As an aviation service shuttle bus, in addition to reliable quality and service, the appearance, power, interior decoration, energy saving and environmental protection, maneuverability and comfort of the vehicle should be able to meet the basic requirements of serving air passengers. Sichuan Airlines bought 150 commercial vehicles from the popular company, and such a large order is of course to provide the above-mentioned free pick-up service. On the one hand, Sichuan Airlines provides 50% discount tickets, and at the same time, it provides free pick-up service to customers. Of course, customers will not buy tickets from other airlines. So this move has brought hundreds of millions of profits to Sichuan Airlines. At this time, we can not help asking, how can free cars bring so much profit to the company? This is the magic of the cross-border profit model. Let's take a look. The original price of a car is 148,000 yuan. Airlines require automobile manufacturers to purchase 150 units at a time at a price of 90,000 yuan. As an automobile manufacturing company, free shipping disposable coverall ,KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers, with such a large group purchase order, it is certainly willing to accept this order. Conversely, the condition that airlines offer to popular car manufacturers is that airline drivers introduce the performance and price of popular cars to every passenger in the process of picking up and delivering passengers, and passengers bring out the advantages and services of popular cars in the ride experience. We calculate that each car can carry seven passengers, three trips a day, the number of advertising audiences brought by 150 cars is 764365, multiplied by 150 cars at the same time, then our advertising audiences are far more than 2 million, so the effect of precise publicity is extraordinary. Tips: How to let drivers serve Sichuan Airlines free of charge Let's take a look at where to find our drivers. Let's imagine that many people in Sichuan can't find a job. At the same time, many people want to be taxi drivers. As we all know, taxi drivers in every city need to pay a deposit similar to the purchase price, but they only have the right to use the car. Therefore, the airline gathered this group of prospective drivers who planned to become taxi drivers and sold them to these prospective drivers at a price of 178,000 yuan for a commercial vehicle, telling these drivers that as long as each passenger was carried, the airline would pay each driver 25 yuan, then the driver would guarantee his daily income. Then let's calculate the income of the airline. Does the airline have a net income of 13.2 million yuan at this time? How does this come from? A commercial vehicle of 178,000 yuan is sold to the driver, and the purchase price is 90,000 yuan, multiplied by 150 units. So the net profit of the airline this time is 13.2 million yuan. By recruiting drivers, the airline makes a net profit of 13.2 million. At this time, you may ask, no, why do drivers buy cars at such an expensive price? This question is very good, because for drivers, compared with general taxi companies, they have to find customers and passengers on the road. Airlines provide a very stable route for passengers. Under such incentives, of course, they can attract drivers to apply. The 178,000 yuan includes stable lines, franchise fees and management fees. Next, Sichuan Airlines launched, as long as passengers buy tickets at a discount of more than 50%, they can pick up and deliver free of charge, so that the whole business model of cross-border marketing integration has been formed. Passenger: What are the benefits of choosing Sichuan Airlines? Then let's take a look at the passengers. Passengers not only save 150 yuan in fares, but also solve the traffic problems from the airport to the city and from the city to the airport. It is very cost-effective for passengers. So let's take a look at the car dealer again. Although he made this batch of cars at a low price, the company had 150 more free salesmen to help him sell the cars. More importantly, he saved a lot of advertising fees and changed to a very stable advertising channel. Just now we calculated that there are 2 million passengers taking this car a year, and the driver will publicize the performance of the car to every passenger, so this customer is very accurate. Then let's take a look at the driver. For the driver, instead of investing money in driving a taxi, the car will not belong to him in a few years. The key is to find customers in the process of operation. It is better to invest the money in Sichuan Airlines. The first is a special line, the second is a stable source of customers, and the third is a stable source of income, which is very cost-effective. Biggest winner: Sichuan Airlines Then let's take a look at the biggest winner. It should be Sichuan Airlines. Yes, these 150 cars printed with the words of free pick-up and delivery run around the city every day, spreading the information of this discount all over the streets and alleys. As a passenger who wants to travel by plane, are you willing to buy a 50% discount ticket to take a free shuttle bus to and from the city, or are you willing to buy a high-priced ticket from other companies? At the same time, there is no free pick-up service? Of course, as I am very willing to accept such services from Sichuan Airlines. Not only these, after the expiration of the contract, Sichuan Airlines can sell its advertising space, first of all, the 150 car body advertising, second, the car interior advertising, can be charged. Finally, the biggest profit of Sichuan Airlines is to buy 150 cars, hire 150 drivers, spend no money, and earn 13.2 million yuan. The most important thing is that it also drives the company to sell tens of thousands more tickets every day on average. In the process of maximizing the value of the enterprise, it provides services for all stakeholders of the enterprise, and through providing services, it enables them to bring business to other enterprises. The transaction structure formed in this process is the cross-border profit model of Sichuan Airlines. Let's think together Through this case, you can recall how your business is profitable through cross-border, and whether your business has found more people to create profits and pay costs for your business? If you have any small questions,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, welcome to leave a message in the message area, let's communicate together ~ Return to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com