Huanzhu Landlord Qingcheng Nineteen Heroes

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Sang Xianmu has left in anger because of a quarrel with the old master's husband and wife. Why don't you go home and see if there's any way to save it? Superior plain filial piety,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, smell speech frighten in the heart thump, fly to run to the

So he gave it up and threw it into the door of Sang Xianmu. He felt uneasy again, and in the future he would swear to be in trouble. Superior partial and have a soft spot for, die not willing to give up, how also can't think of an idea. Two people stay together, each other lingering. Zhi Shang talked about the afternoon of the next day. Qiu Yun was finally softhearted and infatuated. He felt that Chaoqun had sacrificed his life for her and was prepared to go through dangers and difficulties. So he broke up with her. He really couldn't live with him. He had no choice but to tell Chaoqun, saying, "Jing Wentong, the younger brother of the same school who came to the mountain Lord yesterday, wanted to rob the magic weapon left by the first teacher and forced the mountain Lord to point out where the treasure was. On the surface, sister you and I pretended not to know, but secretly practiced the Dharma to initiate the earth cave ban. Before the sorcerer reached the treasure cave, he was wounded by the True Qi of Wutu and fled back. Thinking that the mountain owner had deliberately given him the title, he quarreled for a while and went away in anger. Seeing that he would not give up. I swear to live or die with the relics of the law body. When the sorcerer did not reveal his true nature, the mountain owner regarded him as his confidant and best friend, and had already briefly explained the actual situation here. At present, I have taken back the array that the mulberry forest outside the cave is going to frame Sang Xian, but I have used all the forbidden magic power on defense. When I was young, I closed the cave on the east hillside again. Except that you and I went there with the treasure of the second wood, no one else could have entered it. Without such a wonderful use and a way to come and go, the sorcerer knew better. He had suffered another setback and was bound to attack on a large scale. There was always a way to capture it, and it was necessary to guard against it. I live in your house, and I must wait for this sorcerer to come, either to lure him into the ambush and get rid of him, or not to attack him, and pretend that the mountain owner has recovered and can move freely. I hate that he threatened me yesterday and did not meet me, but ordered us to use his magic weapon against the enemy,cordierite c520, so that he would retreat in the face of difficulties and dare not come again. Only by removing this harm can the situation be settled. But this fellow was injured yesterday, and it was hard to predict when he came. If you really miss me, I will teach you the way to enter the back hole. When the time comes, don't come here, in case I worship in the underground and don't know that you are coming, you will fall into the ambush by accident, or because of the urgent resistance, you will use the treasure of Yimu to break my forbidden law, which will be harmful to each other. Can still go to the east hillside inside the cave,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, according to my teaching introduction, first will be forbidden to restore. Then he stroked the crystal mirror between the walls with his hand and shouted'Autumn Cloud 'three times, and I came. If not, I will worship the Dharma in the underground. You can sit on the couch and wait, and I will come after worshipping the true spirit. "You have made a great contribution to Sangxian this time. If you go back, you can take the place of your former teacher to relieve your previous resentment. You may as well tell me what happened on this trip.". She did not know that the mountain owner had conspired with fellow sorcerers to plant a mulberry forest here and secretly set up a vicious array to refine it, so she sent Sister You to lure her to this human net. Knowing that I had withdrawn, she was sure to be happy. She loved me, and perhaps she could find a way to make me leave as soon as possible, so that I would not have to guard here. I feel your deep feeling, especially although you love me, but the intention is sincere, not involved in a trace of vulgar children's thoughts, more rare. According to your roots and bones, in the future, you and I will return to the door of Sangxian and ascend the immortal land together, which is very promising. I am alone, why don't I want you to stay here? But you have an old relative, steatite c221 ,ceramic igniter electrodes, your only son Zhong Shou, who went out on his own. It is no longer the way of a son of man to commit such a strange and dangerous crime for a woman who has traveled thousands of miles. If you linger on, you will surprise your parents. You can't escape the crime of unfilial piety, and I can't ask for it. Sang Xian's behavior is strange, his temper is strange, and ordinary people don't know where he is. What if your parents have more misgivings about you and ask her to make trouble? If you really love me, you must come back quickly. This is also my bitter fate, and I have suffered a lot. If Sister You does not die, or if the three golden pills are all there, you can use them to seal the cave and the body. There is no need to leave them here to defend. If something goes wrong and people are uncertain, good or bad luck can not be predicted. Chaoqun was blamed by her for righteousness. Remembering her parents and Sang Xianmu's temperament, she was worried and eager to return home. No way, and Qiuyun shake hands Yiyi, bear the pain to say goodbye. With tears in her eyes, Qiuyun personally sent her to the cliff in the back hole to break up. Chaoqun first hid the gold pill. Although Qiuyun repeatedly questioned him, Chaoqun was so selfish that Qiuyun suffered a lot. He was afraid to tell the truth. Qiuyun blamed him and said, "It was another person who took out the gold pill that night. It had nothing to do with Sang Xianmu.". I married Nassan Fairy Granny, and everything was taught by this man. Now this person is wandering outside, the return date is uncertain, sooner or later will be able to return. Although I can't get it for the time being, I won't be taken away by Sang Xianmu, because of your master's harm in the future. But Sang Xianmu doesn't know this man. If you go to my house, don't mention it when you see him, for fear of causing trouble. "Although Qiuyun felt that she didn't agree with what she had said before, on the one hand, she was deeply in love, and on the other hand, she knew that Chaoqun had no magic power before, so she didn't know the wonderful use of this treasure. Besides, we met after we lost the treasure. Although we had seen love before, we didn't distinguish between friends and enemies, so it was inevitable that we had doubts and suspicions. It was also human feelings that we didn't tell the truth completely.". Chaoqun chose some of what his sister had taught him on her deathbed to make up a lie, and Qiuyun believed it. When Chaoqun reached the road, he remembered that he should not have lied to her. If he had not spoken, he could not recover it. If he really wanted to tell the truth, perhaps she would fall out, so he wanted to go back several times, but all of them wanted to stop. Later, seeing that the road was getting farther and farther, he felt that if he took the gold pill again when he went there for the second time, as the person who took the treasure had already returned, the more he would lie, the safer it would be. Thought a change, then made a big mistake. Supernatural, the journey is fast, there is no delay on the way home, and Qiuyun pointed out his shortcut, in less than two days, he has turned around. Because they had already arrived home, their parents knew that there was no hindrance, and there was no way to go around, and they went straight into the village by the right way. As soon as I arrived at the entrance of the village, I met the second tenant of the household. When I met him, I exclaimed, "High official, where have you been?"? Without saying a word. Now the mistress is dying for you; your father is ill in bed; Sang Xianmu has left in anger because of a quarrel with the old master's husband and wife. Why don't you go home and see if there's any way to save it? Superior plain filial piety,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, smell speech frighten in the heart thump, fly to run to the home. When I got home, my parents were already in danger.

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