The road of online games is invisible.

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"Ha ha ha ha, this thing, is a I met outside the prairie senior true immortal told me, big picture summer adult you also know, we Kyushu Zhongyuan monastic people pay attention to comply with the will of heaven, the practice of the wolf demon true body of the devil this big against t

Chapter 603 complete the task, mysterious monk. "Whew, finally gone, these two guys are really not fuel-efficient lamps, after testing the third Master, I did not forget to knock each other." But they are also really tough to say that the second generation of Kongtong disciples plus the strong man of Mohism who is good at machine skills really deserve the word "strong enemy". Invisible in the dark, watching the Duobao Taoist and the dark night after the two people left, Ruoshui just appeared, looked at the direction of the disappearance of the two people hesitated for a while, and then adjusted his clothes, calmly stepped into the silver tent. With the first delivery token, at this time if the water into the silver Luo big tent has no need for the guards, say hello directly to the guards, and then a lift the tent went in, also did not pay attention to the big picture Xia went straight to a few tables full of tokens, one of the tokens in his hand, click on the option to accept the task. Hey hey, finally this task or safely fell into my hands, the two guys are a little short-sighted in the end, even if the task of killing wolves is not chosen,Ceramic Bobbin, even this intelligence task is not chosen, it is cheap for me, ha.. Ruoshui while tittering, while in the mind to sort out the information to be told, came to the front of the Orgler big Tuxia. The return of Ruoshui did not disturb the leader of the king's account warrior, because all his mind was immersed in the study of the situation of the wolf disaster, until Ruoshui smiled and put the token representing the task in front of Olgler's big Tuxia,Ceramic Band Heater, which finally made the big Tuxia's eyes move from the map to a smiling player. Oh, did you finish a task so soon? Olgler's eyes slightly swept over the token, and his tone was gentle and gentle. Although it was a question, there was no strange meaning at all, as if it was normal for Ruoshui to finish the task without even leaving the camp. Hehehehe, thanks to Lord Datuxia, I know a little about the wolf disaster in the prairie. Well, it should be said that it is a little inside story. Maybe it will be helpful to Lord Datuxia. Said the old God Ruoshui. About the wolf plague? That's interesting. Let's hear it. Olgler big tuxia immediately interested in the words of the water, for him now, there is nothing more important than understanding the enemy, but so far, the leaders of the king's account on the prairie demon wolf disaster inside know not much, just vaguely found that the original ordinary green wolf suddenly turned into a ferocious demon wolf, And it seems that there is manpower behind the disaster that wreaks havoc on the whole grassland, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,7g Ozone Generator, but they know nothing about the specific situation, let alone that there is a powerful and unfathomable devil who is practicing the real body of the wolf demon, which is comparable to the celestial being, and thus triggers a catastrophe. Even NPC is not clear about it, at this time in the prairie to do the task to do a lot of players in full swing, in addition to the water if the old often get the advice of the freak lucky, of course, there is no way to know the mystery, even the good and evil players in this regional task is divided into two factions, each to complete the task of this kind of thing, they also found from the system log. And the reason for this phenomenon is not very clear. As the saying goes, if you know your enemy and know yourself, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. Olgler Datuxia may not have learned Sun Tzu's Art of War, but he still attaches great importance to intelligence work and is very interested in the mysterious pusher behind the wolf disaster. That's why he released the task of detecting wolf disaster intelligence in the initial many tasks, and set the task points quite high. Originally, this intelligence mission was a long-term mission. The original idea of the game designer was to let the player discover some clues revealed by the demon wolf in the process of completing many tasks, and over time, combine with some changes in the situation gradually discovered by the NPCs, and finally deduce part of the truth about the cause of the wolf disaster. However, Ruoshui was blessed by the old sheep monster, who had obtained the inside story that even the NPCs in the task were not clear about very early, so he would judge in an instant after seeing the token recording the intelligence task that this needle-in-a-haystack task was both tedious and difficult, so it was abandoned by other players. It will be an important opportunity for him to stand out in this large-scale regional mission. Unfortunately, things about Lao Chang can't be known by other players. Ruoshui doesn't want to attract other people's special attention because of the intelligence. At the beginning, he was regarded as the biggest enemy by all the players who came to participate in the task. So he would wait until Duobao Taoist and Dark Night took the task and left before returning to Yinluo's big account to complete the task without any effort. When Ruoshui saw Olgler's big picture and asked, he smiled and told all the things he had heard from Lao Chang about the devil's wide use of magic seeds, the practice of killing people, and so on. He also added a lot of his own guesses and reasoning, which were enough to explain how the disaster on the grassland happened, how it evolved, and what it would eventually become. The more he listened, the more ugly his face became. He had already put aside the military affairs waiting to be dealt with before, and devoted himself to discussing these appalling news with Ruoshui. If things are really like what you said, then the devil behind this catastrophe is really his heart can be punished, even crazy to sacrifice the whole prairie people and creatures to practice magic. But how do you know these things? Olgler Datuxia looked at Ruoshui doubtfully while suppressing the monstrous anger in his chest. He did not disbelieve what the man in front of him said, because everything Ruoshui said was exactly the same as what was happening on the prairie today, but what the prairie general cared about was why this man was so clear about all this, and what was his source of information? "Ha ha ha ha, this thing, is a I met outside the prairie senior true immortal told me, big picture summer adult you also know, we Kyushu Zhongyuan monastic people pay attention to comply with the will of heaven, the practice of the wolf demon true body of the devil this big against the will of heaven, naturally there are many people can not see,alumina c799, but probably due to some reasons can not personally hand, so will borrow my mouth, Tell the news to you and the royal family of Gerile in Datuxia. 。