My husband is a warlord.

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Yamaki Field Mouse, kneeling dejectedly in front of a table,endless pool factory, thinking about the amount of compensation, staring at a Japanese saber on the table. The samurai of the Japanese Empire must not yield. He stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife! There is a posthumous le

When Song Yihan entered the study, Wu Anguo was smoking and puffing, and he seldom smoked at home at ordinary times. Seeing Song come in, Wu Anguo threw one to him, and the two men puffed. Wu Anguo has always known that this brother likes his wife, but this brother is more stubborn than himself, like to like, but never dare to do anything out of line, compared to how happy he is. As soon as I thought about it, I felt that if the cotton cloth was burned, it would be burned, and if the money was lost, it would be lost. At the worst, I would start from scratch. However, when I thought that I was going to lose money to the Japanese, my heart was not smooth, and I was very angry. Smoking, frowning, exhaling a deep smoke ring, it seems that everything is gone. Song Yihan opened his mouth and said, "Anguo, in fact, things are not so bad. I saw the cloth. It is estimated that it is made of black cotton. The quality is far from up to standard. The cloth you signed the contract at first can't be this kind. You should think carefully about whether there is any problem when you check it." Wu Anguo was stunned. In retrospect,whirlpool hot tub, during several tests, the Japanese side was there. It was more like a cursory look. At present, the quality of foreign goods is generally better than that of domestic goods. Everyone blindly trusts them, and the inspection is more a mere formality. Do you still have the cloth? Wu Anguo quickly caught the key point and asked. Have Song Yihan had been prepared, and his men took a piece of cloth that the third aunt had just shown him. Wu Anguo held the cloth in both hands, although he was not an expert, but gently pulled his hands, and sure enough, hissing. If this kind of cloth is really used to make cotton-padded clothes for the army,outdoor endless pool, Wu Anguo feels that he is going to be a sinner through the ages, that is the real end. He broke out in a cold sweat for a moment. Took the cloth to discuss with Song Yihan for an hour, and then came out. Xu Bao wanted to listen to the corner outside, but it was so long that he fell asleep at the door with the big cat in his arms. When Wu Anguo came out and saw the little girl, he picked her up and kissed her fiercely. Add meat at night! Song Yihan stood in the back, smiling and full of sadness, as long as she was happy. Small Japanese mountain wood vole is still dreaming of getting rich, he has sent his people to assess the fleet of Wu Anguo, tut, a strong fleet, think of this fleet will soon compensate themselves, become the fleet of the Japanese Empire, can play a more important role, mountain wood vole is very wretched smile, and jumped into a young woman wearing a kimono skirt below, After a long exploration with her hands and mouth, american hot tub ,endless swimming pool, the kimono woman's facial expression was painful, her hands were holding on to the wall, her legs seemed to be weak and unstable, and she shouted the famous Japanese line: Yadaigu Competition.. Elegant Butterfly Stock Competition.. At this moment, Wu Anguo reported the fire in a very regular manner, and expressed his willingness to take responsibility. He wanted to set up a professional investigation team to check the losses of the Japanese side and resolutely implement compensation, so as not to let the Japanese friends suffer any grievance. When Liu Junchang saw the official telegram, his head was blank. He only felt that his capable general had been kicked in the head by a donkey. He lost money. The Japanese could swallow all your bones. How could he be so careless? The defense minister over there read the news and was noncommittal. Naturally, he was very unhappy about what had happened, but he did not get himself into trouble. He was willing to bear it. That was the best. He also said that the young man was responsible. Unexpectedly, when the Japanese heard that they were going to set up a professional investigation team to investigate the losses, they jumped instead and firmly disagreed, as long as they paid compensation. Wu Anguo doesn't care about him. Justice said to the Yamaki vole: "Mr. vole, this is what our leaders agreed to do. In order to safeguard the friendship between our country and your country, I must set up a professional investigation team to investigate your losses and give you a lot of compensation." Yamaki vole messy, reluctantly refused to smile: "Really not, too much trouble, you directly according to the contract compensation." Wu Anguo said politely, "This must be used. If I don't investigate your loss clearly, I will have a bad conscience." Yamaki vole looked at the upright man in front of him, angry words can not come out, really want to investigate, that black-hearted cotton cloth will not be exposed, when the time comes who does not know who to compensate, no, resolutely can not agree. So the Yamaki vole did the same thing as last time, and went directly to the Minister of Defense. Promise to get ten times the compensation, of which 10% is given to him, the only condition is to ask for private, direct compensation. The defense minister, who got the benefits, spent a night in an izakaya run by the Japanese. The next day, the order was issued. There was no need for any investigation team. This matter was very bad. It should be settled as soon as possible. Yamaki vole is very proud, do not believe that you can not govern this Chinese, Chinese people are always easy to fool, fart with his men to go and Wu Anguo to hand over the indemnity. At this time but do not know where to come out of a bunch of reporters, insisted on interviews, crowded Sang Sang, Yamaki vole Jun just do not like these people without quality, and did not find anything wrong. Wait until the next day, all the major newspapers in Shanghai appeared-unscrupulous Japanese profiteers, selling black-hearted cotton cloth, destroying the future of China. When Chiang Kai-shek saw the news, he frowned and asked the defense minister what was going on? Unexpectedly, there are still people who want to make a fortune from my army. No, we must punish them severely. We must love the soldiers who have exposed such crimes. Finally, Lao Jiang also casually said: "Lao Yu, I heard that you have a very close relationship with the Japanese recently.." The defense minister went out with sweat on his forehead and a pale face. When the Japanese asked him for help again, he didn't even dare to see him. He was afraid that he would be done by Chiang Kai-shek. The mud Bodhisattva crossed the river, and there was no leisure to take care of the Japanese affairs. Yamaki Field Mouse, kneeling dejectedly in front of a table,endless pool factory, thinking about the amount of compensation, staring at a Japanese saber on the table. The samurai of the Japanese Empire must not yield. He stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife! There is a posthumous letter on the table, it is the posthumous instruction that hill wood field rat gentleman leaves posterity: must not sell black heart cotton! The author has something to say: The teachings of Mr. Yamaki vole:.

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