The strongest abandons less

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Xiao Lei came from Yanjing earlier than you this time. Another girl came over and pulled Su Jingwen,outdoor spa manufacturers, saying with some dissatisfaction in her tone. Su Jingwen smiled apologetically, "the last few times my mother was ill, I really had no mind." 。

He took the paper bag and held it in his hand as heavy as iron. He frowned and said, "Is Xuemin dead?" Yu Miaotong nodded, stood up and said, "I've already given it to you for Xuemin, and I'm leaving, too." "You wait." Kui opened the paper package, which turned out to be a swarthy thing like an iron block. Why did Wu Xuemin give this to himself? Seeing his puzzled expression, Yu Miaotong opened his mouth and said, "Xuemin said you were practicing ancient martial arts. This thing should be useful to you." He nodded, and the divinity looked again at the iron in his hand. Moments later, his face immediately showed a shocked expression, which turned out to be a piece of iron. Why is there such a thing on the earth? Where did Wu Xuemin get it? Not to mention on the earth, even in the real realm of cultivation, this piece of Geng Tie Jing is also the best refining material. The first-class material for refining flying swords is only a little small. Nevertheless, the value of this Geng iron essence is incalculable in the hands of Kui. Even all the materials he got from Han Zaixin's material warehouse added up to less than one in ten thousand of the iron essence in his hand. Instantly understood the intention of Wu Xuemin, he guessed that he was practicing ancient martial arts, this material should be useful to himself, perhaps he did not know that this is Geng Tie Jing. He asked Yu Miaotong to bring the material to find himself,jacuzzi manufacturers, the meaning has been quite obvious, that is, to save Yu Miaotong's life for the sake of this material. With this kind of material, even if the cultivator wants to move Yu Miaotong, he will try to keep Yu Miaotong, not to mention that he is not a cultivator, just a black. It's just an organization 。 Besides,5 person hot tub, he is not a man who does nothing to save the dying. I have accepted the love of brother Xuemin. You will stay with me, and the Heavenly King will not dare to touch you. (M) As for'Iron River ', I haven't taken it seriously yet. Then suddenly remembered one thing, Yu Miaotong deliberately fled to Luocang, indicating that she was chased by the people of Tiejiang. So his'silver heart grass' is not'iron river 'people found dug away? If this is the case, he is easy to handle, directly Luocang's'iron river 'even pot end. When Yu Miaotong heard his words, he suddenly couldn't help crying any more. She also understood the reason why Wu Xuemin asked her to bring something to find her, because in Wu Xuemin's eyes, only she could save her life. Kui is not even afraid of a thousand dragon heads, how can he be afraid of a mere Tielan Mountain? "Do you know what kind of people are coming after you?" As soon as he thought that his'silver heart grass' might have been dug up by the people who were chasing Yu Miaotong, he had a rough score in his heart. Yu Miaotong stopped sobbing and thought for a while before saying, "There is a thin man in his thirties.". I saw him from a distance at the station, Whirlpool bathtub ,whirlpool hot tub, and it was a little cold. I guess the man was following me, and then I sneaked behind a tour group to avoid the man. He immediately knew that the person Yu Miaotong said and the person Yu Erhu said should be the same person. He remembered the cold man who had robbed him of the'Empty Stone 'at the exchange meeting, and it might be him. Since this man can recognize the'Empty Stone 'is a good thing, perhaps his own'Silver Heart Grass' also has a feeling, he snatched'Silver Heart Grass' is also reasonable. If I had known it was this guy, I should have ***ed him the last time I came out of the meeting, instead of stealing his things. So this guy is from Tiejiang? Last time Wolf said that'Iron River 'has a very powerful master to break through, can it be said that this person is not? But in Kui's opinion, although this cold man is fierce, he is not so fierce that he is more fierce than the wolf? But his taste is really good. You can recognize that the Empty Stone is a good thing. Not to mention that'Yinxincao 'should have been dug up by the people of'Tiejiang', he went on with the matter of'Tiejiang ', which was a gift from Wu Xuemin. You can live here in the future. If you feel a little bored, you can study medicine with Lu Xiaozhen and Erhu. I also suspect that some of my things have been taken away by the people of Tiejiang. Even if they don't bother me, I will find them. When I destroy Tiejiang, you can go anywhere you want. It has been confirmed that the cold man should be'Tiejiang ', even if not'Tiejiang', but also related to them. In the next few days, all the materials were refined into array flags and plates, and a defensive array was arranged around the villa. He also refined three bracelets and gave them to Erhu, Xiaozhen and Yu Miaotong. He also told them that he had set up obstacles around the villa and had to wear bracelets when entering and leaving. If there are patients, they must come in through a fixed channel. Although Yu Miaotong was somewhat doubtful, Erhu and Xiaozhen firmly believed in him. In the hearts of both of them, everything they said was right. Kui waited for a few days, or no one came to the villa, it seems that those people took away the'silver heart grass', said to come over is just talk, and did not intend to really come over. But Ye Ling made a phone call and told him that his uncle and fourth uncle had been driven away by his grandfather. It is quiet to stay in Yanjing now. 'Iron River 'people do not take the initiative to find, but do not want to wait, he will go to the snake after a period of time, there is no time to spend with them, since not looking for, he will take the initiative to find the past. Su Jingwen has not attended the reunion for three years, and today is the first time she has attended the reunion since graduation. If not for the party just set in Ninghai, or if not for Xiao Lei specially rushed to Ninghai to attend the party, Su Jingwen still did not want to go. Jingwen, everyone is waiting for you, so you come. Come here quickly. As soon as Su Jingwen arrived, Xiao Lei's voice came over. No matter where Su Jingwen was, she seemed to be the focus, and soon many students came around. Yeah, Jingwen, you've never been to a party since you graduated. Xiao Lei came from Yanjing earlier than you this time. Another girl came over and pulled Su Jingwen,outdoor spa manufacturers, saying with some dissatisfaction in her tone. Su Jingwen smiled apologetically, "the last few times my mother was ill, I really had no mind." 。