Nine days of Lingwu

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Night Emperor Wu's eyes flashed a trace of pity, right hand raised a palm flat out, a white light magic shield appeared in front of him, can block the Lich's blow. And her left hand, which held the box of life, did not hesitate to pinch it hard, only to hear a click,garden jacu

In the troubled times of his previous life, he used this move to perish with the enemy, so he was reincarnated on the nine-day continent, and now he has to use it again. True Qi reverses the collapse of the sky, and the whole body will turn into flower powder. It is impossible for any spirit to exist. Although it is impossible to drag the Lich into hell together, Han Fei can still maintain his dignity as a warrior! "Will there be a second reincarnation this time?" Han Fei suddenly thought of it, but his heart was dumbfounded. Not reconciled! This life is so wonderful, die rotten life has just begun to end, he really has too much unwilling! Han Biban, Rattan Shuixiu, Han Weier, a familiar face flashed in front of Fu Fei's eyes. By this time, he found that in his heart, his favorite is still Han Bihui! "Welcome the coming of death!" The Lich raised the staff in his hand high, the crystal on the top of the staff was shining black, and a new spell was taking shape! "Sorry to drag you down!" Jing Fei said silently to Emperor Yewudi in his heart. Ho ho! The Battle of Tulip Castle is at its peak. Friends, where are your tickets? Chapter 289 the end of new life. "Drag.". Afraid of the heat, I don't think so! Suddenly,outdoor hot tub, a voice in Fangzhou, "Lu sounded!"! The voice was clear and melodious, as clear and moving as a warbler coming out of the valley, and there was a trace of astringency between the euphemisms, as if he had not spoken for a long time. But it was this beautiful, not very loud voice, like a thunderbolt at the same time bombarded Han Fei and the Lich who was preparing to release the spell,China spa factory, the two men were completely stunned! Han Fei was shocked because the voice answered the apology he had just said to Emperor Yewu in his heart. It would be normal if it sounded in the sea of his consciousness, but it came from the outside world, not far away! Could it be that the spirit of Emperor Yewudi had left him? Han Fei immediately realized such a possibility. The heart suddenly filled with the ecstasy of a narrow escape from death, the miracle really appeared! The Lich froze in place, still holding his staff high in his hand, but the light of the crystal on the top of the staff suddenly disappeared, apparently the voice interrupted his spell, and his eyes were full of disbelief. "This is your voice," the Lich murmured, "Yiyi!" He suddenly turned around and looked at the place where the sound came from at the same time as Han Fei! The voice came from the altar, only ten or twenty meters away from the two people, but only saw the crystal coffin hanging on the altar, outdoor whirlpool ,Chinese spa manufacturer, a white hand like jade on the edge of the coffin, the light church saint Feng Yiyi who had been dead for nearly two hundred years actually sat up slowly from the coffin chair, turned her head and smiled at the two people. A smile is full of charm, and the whole room is like a sudden appearance of spring, which makes people feel warm. It is absolutely a beautiful woman in Qingguo Qingcheng! She, unexpectedly is resurrected! The almost miraculous scene in front of him made Han Fei and the Lich seem to have been hit by petrified spells at the same time. It took me a while to wake up. Emperor Ye Wu! She is definitely the Emperor of the Night! Fu Fei's heart was bright, and there was no doubt that the spirit of Emperor Yewudi had broken away from his moonlight sea. Do not know what means used to occupy the body of Feng Yiyi to revive. The spirits of the two sides remained connected, so when he spoke to Emperor Yewudi in his heart. Even if the other side has changed a body, it can hear the communication from the spirit! The Lich also understood, he sent out a very angry roar: "You are not Yiyi, you dare to occupy Yiyi's body, I order you to get out immediately, or else." The black mist all over his body and the light from the staff in his hand clearly showed the anger in the Lich's heart at this time. And Feng Yiyi, no! To be precise, Emperor Yewudi smiled and said, "Otherwise, will you burn my soul in the flames of hell?"? This. I'm afraid it's impossible! She raised her left hand, and a shiny black box appeared in her grasp. "It is said that the Lich who has entered the realm of legend can gradually restore his emotions. I wonder if the life box of the Lich has been destroyed and can it continue to remain in this world?" Emperor Yewudi said, "I didn't expect that you would put your life box under here. You are really a lover." In the hands of Emperor Yewudi, it turned out to be the Lich's life box. Is its only key! This is Han Fei also did not think of, but think carefully under what is not too strange things, the Lich for Feng Yiyi's deep feelings is indeed extraordinary. Life box was in the hands of people, but the Lich returned to the original indifference, he said coldly: "If to the demigod realm, do not say life box.". Even if the body no longer exists, the spirit can rebuild the body! "I just want to know who you are." "Who am I?" Emperor Yewudi smiled and slowly got up from the crystal coffin and stepped down from the altar. Stop a few meters away from the Lich. She raised her right hand, stretched out her index finger and touched it gently on her forehead, suddenly showing a red half-moon mark between her eyebrows, which stood out against the background of Bai Zhe's skin! "Blood Moon!"! The True Soul of the Night Family! The Lich lost his voice and said, "How can you have the power of our true soul? Who on earth are you?" Emperor Ye Wu said lightly, "My surname is Ye, too. People call me Emperor Ye Wu." Emperor Ye Wu! The powerful Lich stepped back involuntarily and growled, "Do you think you can make me yield by pretending to be the ancestor of our Night Dan?"? Dream In the roar, the staff in his hand pointed forward, and a black fog around his body turned into a fog arrow and shot at Emperor Yewudi. Is that your choice? Night Emperor Wu's eyes flashed a trace of pity, right hand raised a palm flat out, a white light magic shield appeared in front of him, can block the Lich's blow. And her left hand, which held the box of life, did not hesitate to pinch it hard, only to hear a click,garden jacuzzi tub, and the whole box, together with the heart of the Lich stored inside, shattered!.

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