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He turned to the boy with a little emotion and said, "You can sleep in my room." "Or avoid," Xuanyuan waved his hand easygoing, "sleeping in a girl's room will be very awkward." But since you're here,indoor endless pool, shouldn't you s

"Why?" Murmured. The president of the student union, who was about to walk out of the door, slowed down a few steps: "Because you are right, I will support you no matter what." Is it because I'm right? Or is it because I am Liu Xichuan? I do not know how to ask such words, as the school boy idol of the popular lover Liu Xichuan seems to have never cared about other people's feelings about themselves. Huh? A little unexpected, holding the information of the arm suddenly can not bear the force, loose, a few pages of paper slipped to the ground. Bend down to pick up, but more and more can not help but want to laugh, stand up again, "both." Xi Chuan looked up at the door, and the afternoon sun hit the window lattice, broke into several broken lines, and brushed the young man's bright eyebrows and eyes. Time, blooming like brocade, is spoiled by the sincere spring breeze. In the days of departure, The corners of the boy's mouth are carefully and gracefully curved, gently kissing and imprinting on the girl's bangs. The gentle voice seemed to come from the horizon. "No matter what happens,endless swimming pool, I will always be there for you, encouraging you and supporting you." The taste of saline popsicle is dense in the mouth, light salty, light sweet. If the field of vision is a picture, then the background is the green of willow, so pure. The girl raised her face at a 45-degree angle and saw that even the pupil of the person she liked deeply was covered with a layer of light blue. Laugh innocently and innocently, in the summer that never seems to leave. Verse 43: The Sixth Word (7) The girl stood at the corner of the street and waved happily: "Bye-bye." "See you tomorrow." And what I always thought would be unforgettable,hot tub wholesale, but later I couldn't remember. Against the tide of people leaving school at Shenghua Middle School was a tall and straight teenager, wearing a completely different uniform from the people around him, which made the girls who had already left school look back one after another. But one of them buried his head and ran away as soon as he saw it. The sharp-eyed teenager noticed it at a glance and grabbed her arm. Xi Chuan. "Well, it's you." Oh, I'm in a hurry to get home. "You're not deliberately avoiding me, are you?" There was a little bad smile on the boy's face. How, how? Even so, the pace slowed down because of the lack of confidence. Don't think I don't know about you. "The coda is deliberately drawn out." I What can be the matter? Oh, I'm in a hurry to go home. The girl buried her head again and quickened her pace. Xie Jingyuan told me everything. "What?" Hearing this, the girl suddenly stood still and turned to look up, but happened to bump into a sensitive part of the boy who was looking down at her. Ah Like an electric shock, even though the kiss was as light as a feather, hot tub spa manufacturers ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, it still made the girl blush. The schoolboy is stupefied first, immediately bad ground smiles. Fu wow txt member is arranged, update regularly please pay close attention to www. Fv. AL. CN, pull the schoolgirl into the bosom afresh quickly, kissed intentionally this time. As a result, the students of Shenghua Middle School, who finished school at 5:30, were lucky enough to witness the "big headlines" that went viral throughout the school the next day. The girl pushed the boy away with a red face and breathed out: "Hooligan!" " "Well, did you just know?" The boy has a crisp line on his chin, and his smile is too harsh to bear, "I miss you very much." [XI] Little by little happiness dissolves and disappears in front of the grand sadness like a nebula. There is a pale sky outside the window, but the darkness in my heart blackens the whole world like ink. Without light and temperature. Leaving only the sound echoing in my ears. -I'm sorry. Verse 44: The Seventh Word (1) The seventh word of the voice [I] The short but stormy holiday is coming to an end. Standing outside the dormitory door with a suitcase, the exhausted Xichuan suddenly has a kind of fear of facing Mingying. Always dragging her down. On the battlefield of two people side by side, she always tries harder, while she often drags her feet. What's more, the text message "I have something to ask you" also makes people uneasy. Can't lift the hand that knocks. Touched the bag, and sure enough, he did not bring the key. Too much dependence on her, when did this start? He was standing in the same place at a loss when the door suddenly opened automatically. For a moment, it was like being struck by lightning. The person who opened the door was not Ming Ying, but a boy. As a result, the first thought in Xi Chuan's mind at that time was that he had mistaken the door? Xi Chuan is a simple girl who writes everything on her face, and her doubts are clear at a glance. The boy smiled and said, "Liu Xichuan?"? I know you, but you don't know me. It seems that Ming Ying is really cruel. No mention of me at all? The stream is in a fog. The schoolboy does not mind to stretch out a hand too: "I am Xuan yuan Zhe." A flash of lightning. Countless broken memories overlap in my mind. Xuanyuan Consortia's Shaodong, Xuanyuan Zhe. Mr. X, Xuan yuan Zhe. The soul of L-Ether, Xuan yuan Zhe. At first, when Xin An talked about this relationship, he couldn't help but be shocked, but now the appearance of a real person is more like a dream. A year or two ago, Xi Chuan would have jumped three feet high and begged for autographs, but now he is not in the mood. Because the most important connection is a good friend's ex-boyfriend. Xi Chuan, who had just experienced an accident, dared not touch more minefields. Won't you come in? Xuanyuan's words interrupted his thoughts. Xi Chuan, who could not keep up with the progress of his thinking, managed to squeeze out an ugly smile and was still thinking about other things in his mind. Ming Ying and GIN went to the company and probably came back in the afternoon. Entering the door, Xi Chuan saw the quilt and pillow on the sofa at a glance. He turned to the boy with a little emotion and said, "You can sleep in my room." "Or avoid," Xuanyuan waved his hand easygoing, "sleeping in a girl's room will be very awkward." But since you're here,indoor endless pool, shouldn't you sleep with Ming Ying? At the moment of stupefaction, the boy had thoughtfully carried Xi Chuan's suitcase into the room and placed it. Xi Chuan is not not moved, in the end is a little right.