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Anyway, there are blue and white, and when you see what he's doing, you can immediately give the right instructions to the team. The nine-tailed fox double command line-ups, which once puzzled the professional circle,massage bathtub manufacturers, is not undeserved! Three minutes pas

In the guild channel, suddenly appeared a row of beautiful women blowing kisses. At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, it was the most sleepy time. I have to say, this row of expressions is so refreshing. I am the official website forum irresponsible battlefield reporter, Coltsfoot! Thank you very much to the Great God of Zero Point and the President of Black Night Travel for giving me the opportunity to enter the copy of Level 35 Barracks with the First Kill Team. I would like to interview the Great God of Zero Point about this unprecedented luxury copy group. Zero, who was named by the reporter, said he was at a loss: "Er.." Reporter? When did this species come in? The crooked building party immediately appeared: "Coltsfoot?"? The name looks familiar. The Emperor of Truth also appeared: "Of course it looks familiar!"! Isn't it the reporter who had no moral integrity to comment on screenshots when we were chased out of the quarry by thousands of crabs last time? Why is it in our guild? Everyone in the guild channel was so frightened that they clicked on the guild panel to find the character, and then even more frightened: "No!"! Is this reporter who has no lower limit a girl? This is to destroy my three views. "I was also photographed, and the girl's snapshot was too sharp, and her reputation was destroyed in a moment!" "Tussaud, Tussaud, I'm not talking about you, as a girl, how can you look at chastity." "Oh no, what about moral integrity?" In the guild channel, immediately crooked building crooked to the end of the world, partial topic partial to the dry seas and rotten rocks. As soon as the coltsfoot saw that the situation was not right, he immediately brushed the screen ten times: "Stop, stop for me!" “……” In the guild,hot tub manufacturers, there are rows of sealed expressions with a white cross. Can you do it without sealing your mouth? Can you afford to hurt the sister who calls herself me? "Is it easy for me to come and go in the wind and rain, through a hail of bullets, through a dragon pool and a tiger's den, in order to bring you high-quality game news?"? Ah “……” "Do you really have the heart to tease?"? Don't you think this behavior is evil? Don't you think it's a sin to do so? The whole nine-tailed fox guild, no matter men or women, old or young, all lowered their evil heads under the righteous eyes of the reporter's sister. In the awkward silence of the whole guild,outdoor whirlpool tub, the zero point brush out a sentence: "Oh, here we are.". So fast The members of the first kill team changed their perspective. Sure enough, the Swallow Dock map had arrived, and the white circle of light not far ahead was the reading point for entering the copy of the Navy Station. We're in, we're in! The focus of the guild channel was finally rescued. Come on! Speed gets the first kill. I wait online, do not see the first kill do not sleep! "Brother, come on, we're under a lot of pressure." "Ha ha ha." There were smiling faces in the guild. However, in the middle of the laugh, the whole team of the first kill team could not laugh. As soon as I entered the copy, I took a leisurely walk to the water's edge without a word of explanation. Then he jumped into the water with a splash, turned over a few bubbles, and disappeared. Chapter 120 water and grass are mighty and rippling. One person jumped down, jacuzzi bath spa ,jacuzzi suppliers, and twenty-nine people were stunned. A circle of ripples in the bottomless water, gradually returned to calm, where can we see the figure of zero? It's a question of whether to follow the zero jump or not. Seeing that the people in the team were ready to move, the blue and white eyes quickly stopped them: "Don't move!"! Don't go down. "But, chairman, he." Why did he jump like that? "After this copy, do you want to dance first?" "Sacrificial ceremony?"? Then you should jump in with a pure girl. "Is the God of Zero Point a pure girl?" "Well, my three outlooks are already very fragile today. Don't stimulate me any more." All right, all right! Don't guess. Blue and white hair curled his lips. "Team 1 Jinzhong Shaolin came forward, Team 2 Jinzhong Shaolin was ready, Team 2 was ready to output, forget to prepare the 30-level rock sword array first, and be ready to switch to other sword arrays at any time. Xiaowu was optimistic about Team 5, pay attention to the blood volume of the whole group, and others attacked the formation in the direction of zero launching.". ” Rock Sword Array, Lv30 skill of Wudang Array, releases the array to the designated area with itself as the eye of the array. The damage of any skill suffered by enemy units in the array is doubled. Two teammates are required to assist in standing in the array for 15 seconds. The eye of the array cannot be moved. If it is moved, the array will be cancelled. The scope of this sword array is very small, basically belongs to the single sword array, blue and white call forget to prepare this array, and let the whole regiment prepare to attack the formation, the meaning is very obvious. None of the people who can follow the zero point into this copy is Xiaobai. Blue and white simply said it again, and the formation was arranged in ten seconds. Two Sword Wudang stood in the place where they needed to stand, waiting for the opening of the formation. All the Emei skills were ready, and then everyone stared at the movement in the water. Blue and white pushed the mouse and glanced sideways: "This side is ready.". You've been in the water for a long time. Have you found anything? Chen Bin had no time to talk to him and threw down half of the cigarette butt: "Wait a minute." "Big guy?" The blue and white view turned into the water, but nothing was seen. Well, hide the boss, I'll catch him and fight! "Can the vision bonus of the clear sky be used underwater?"? I can't see anything. Blue and white perspective stays on the surface of the water, or only see a circle of ripples, "don't look like a hidden boss, fishing up is a root of water plants." "If there were such a big water plant, I would admit it!" Chen Bin answered lightly. If you need a hand, say so. "Mmm." Chen Bin pressed the keyboard, constantly chasing the huge object swimming rapidly in the screen, although there is a clear sky vision bonus, but also to ensure that he can see the target, and can not identify what it is. So, the hidden boss is his guess. The screenshot of the hidden boss on the forum is somewhat similar to the unknown creature he is chasing. Is it another story. As for things on the shore, he didn't have to worry about it. Anyway, there are blue and white, and when you see what he's doing, you can immediately give the right instructions to the team. The nine-tailed fox double command line-ups, which once puzzled the professional circle,massage bathtub manufacturers, is not undeserved! Three minutes passed. The surface of the water, which had just been turning up and bubbling, became a little quieter.