A mess full of rice.

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I run, crying is to have a rhythm, it is really hard to hear Fengyan beauty crying. I have been running,Walking measuring wheel, so I did not hear the small minister's answer, and later I learned from the Fengyan beauty mouth, the small minister said. She always wanted to keep it lik

However, when I saw my sister's so-called gift, I just wanted to go up and beat her severely. It was really a gift. I could see that the adulterer killer beauty Fengyan had no clothes inside at all. It was just wrapped in a layer of black veil, which was more attractive than fully exposed. Nosebleed. My nosebleed. The most powerful thing was that his hands were tied with a big bow tied with red silk, and his hair was tied with red silk. Although red and his black hair is very beautiful, but, why, the elder sister wants to put Rouge on his face, but also put on the bright red so vulgar Rouge. Ah, beauty, my beauty, why did you put on a matchmaker's makeup? No matter how beautiful a person is, he can't stand such a mess. Although this Feng Yan is not aggressive, but I am still very careful to hide behind the gold and silver jewelry, timid is my nature, I am not prepared to hide. Call the little minister up. Little minister, if you see the person you are thinking about become like this, will you be scared to lie down? I thought very badly. Feng Yan stared at me mercilessly, as if I was going to kill me if I did anything. Hey,fish measuring tape, boss, I'm only six years old. Even if you want to move, you have to wait for me to be an adult. Despise you, do not have a little brain, no wonder I don't want you. The little minister came over after a while. Seeing him with a fresh face, my heart was even more unbalanced. Why wasn't he as haggard as I was? Feng Yan saw the little minister's eyes suddenly lit up, but the little minister did not notice his existence at all, no,horse weight tape, the little minister noticed, "Princess, where did you find an ugly monster?" It's so poisonous. You deserve to be the one who follows me. Your words are unusual. This Before I could speak, Feng Yan broke away from the red silk and rushed at me, "Help.." The little minister was not careless either. He held me back with one hand and fought back with the other. You don't want to die. Stop it, you little bastard. I dare to do it here. Small minister scold, although very imposing, but, and his usual appearance is completely different. Feng Yan obediently stopped, eyes flashed a trace of desire, small Chen Chen put me down, step by step to Feng Yan. I was so afraid of death that I had to hide behind the gold and jewelry again. Pow! It's so loud. It must hurt. I covered my face with some fear. Poor Fengyan beauty, your face was already red enough, cattle weight tape ,tape measure clip, and now it's even redder. But, little minister, you act like a point, is not to arouse my sympathy, let me let him live? If you want to fight, do it for real. It wasn't pretty. I curled my lips and squinted at them. Ask the princess to let Feng Yan live. Xiao Chen pulled Feng Yan, who was not very willing, to kneel on the ground. I looked at them with horrible eyes, and they were the legendary Longyang addiction and the broken sleeve addiction. I've only heard of a few books that have been introduced, but I haven't seen the live version yet. "Forgive him, it's not impossible." I paused on purpose. If the princess is willing to let him live, Leng Qingchen is willing to wait for the princess for life. The little minister steeled himself to answer. I, you.. "Shut up.". Idiot Xiao Chen interrupted Feng Yan's words in a hurry. You can let him go, but. I was so excited that I crouched down in front of them. "Show me that once?" I wiped the drool that had come out. Xiaochen and Fengyan Meiren probably didn't expect me to make such an opinion. They were stunned for a moment and quickly blushed. You Feng Yan's beauty seemed to be insulted, but her eyes were burning but she dared not touch me. Or the little minister knows me better, "Princess, this is really not good, change something else?" He looked around suggestively, and I frowned. You all go out. It turns out that they are embarrassed. Oh, yes, how can such a private thing be performed in front of everyone. The gold, silver and jewelry glared at me unconvinced before they went out. Their eyes clearly said, "Princess, you are too mean." But the princess.. Angrily, I went back to my chair and sat down. You have no sincerity at all. I want you to kiss me, but you won't. Get out. I waved my hand and they knelt there. "Just a kiss?" Small minister minister asks not affirmatively, I nod, otherwise what do you think to want to do? I looked at them doubtfully. They kissed me as quickly as if they were afraid that I would go back on my word and left. Slow down. I haven't seen it clearly yet. Princess, please fulfill your promise. Xiaochen pulled Fengyan beauty to kowtow. I'm so depressed. I didn't see it clearly. It takes a long time for my sister to kiss others. How can you be so fast? I got it. Tomorrow, you come to the study, and we'll talk about it. Tonight, the adulterer killer beauty will stay with you first. I went out in a daze. I was fooled. Is she your master? I heard the beauty of Feng Yan, it seems that he is still holding a grudge, I did not provoke him, I have always been very kind to the beauty. Why was there disbelief and disdain in his voice? "I don't want to admit it, but she is." There was helplessness in Xiao Chen's voice. I am so angry that we are so lovely, unique, innocent and beautiful, lively and generous. A man can be your master, but it is your honor, how can you, this voice? "Where is the justice that I should fall into her hands?" Heart-rending cries came from inside again. I run, crying is to have a rhythm, it is really hard to hear Fengyan beauty crying. I have been running,Walking measuring wheel, so I did not hear the small minister's answer, and later I learned from the Fengyan beauty mouth, the small minister said. She always wanted to keep it like this. What do you mean? Like you know me. tapemeasure.net