Beg the devil

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Nine changes and move again! Su Ming's eyes flashed, and immediately the eight-headed soul in front of him, each head of a black horn,Surveyors tape measure, rushed out in a roar, with the black beetle into a big hand, rushed to the temple of sorcery elders.

"Nine Yin War Spirits!" Su Ming looked dignified, his right hand in front of a fierce wave, immediately on the back of his hand that ghost mark flashed violently, a bloodthirsty laugh, Su Ming on the back of the mark disappeared, endless sky, there is a red thunder out of thin air, roaring down. The thunder came from the end of heaven and earth, after the moment came, in the thunder reverberation will, unexpectedly appeared eight roaring thunder again, in front of Su Ming, in the thunder, there is a tall figure, suddenly revealed. The figure was thirty feet high and looked like a giant. It was very tall and strong. He was fighting there, like a mountain peak standing on the earth! Dark silver armor, red hair, covered with healing scars, coupled with that monstrous evil spirit and war, making the ghost man summoned by Su Ming, like the God of war! "I haven't killed anyone outside for many years. Maybe I can kill someone today!" The voice of the big man in full armor buzzed and spread all over the world. At the moment of his appearance, the look of the old man in the temple of sorcery finally changed, and his footsteps stopped, not only for him, but also for the other people around him. Tianlan Lao Zu's eyes flashed and a smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth. As for the crowd below, at the moment when the ghost man appeared, it immediately set off a buzz. I said why he had nothing to fear,Fiberglass tape measure, so he rented the nine Yin spirits! "I have an impression of this nine Yin spirits, he." He is the spirit of the fifth layer, let it guard the price is too high, did not expect that someone can really put it! "Look at its momentum, it is between the witches, I do not know how to compare with the elders of the temple of witches, how to win or lose.." Almost at the moment of the elder's footsteps in the temple of sorcery, Su Ming's eyes flashed with cold light, his right hand suddenly raised, the sword of blue light whistled and flashed,Walking tape measure, and a large number of black beetles spread all over his body. The poisonous corpse opened his mouth and let out a dull low roar, leaving black veins all over his body, breeding a large amount of poisonous gas from all the hair holes, and even the nails of his hands and fingers grew in an instant, emitting a sharp awn. At the same time, Su Ming took a deep breath, raised his left hand, pointing to the sky, this is the first of the three types of wind, the starting hand of Kaiyang! "If you want something from Mo, you have to pay a price, even if you are an elder of the sorcery God!"! Yin Lingwei, follow me and fight with this man! When Su Ming's voice came out, the big man in front of him, who was more than thirty feet in length, roared to the sky, raised his right hand, and a huge tomahawk about the same height as him appeared! (To be continued) See no ads, the whole text is error-free first novel, Fish measuring board ,Wheel tape measure, 138 reading network-www. 13800100. Com text first, your best choice! The first volume of life is just like the first sight of the third volume of the Eastern Wilderness Chapter 455 War! "If you cultivate yourself to be profound, you can put your will above others." Su Ming's voice is cold, his life in memory is always like this, when Wushan is like this, Bitu is so powerful that he thinks he can ignore everything. [Www. 13800100. Com Text First Issue 138 Reading Network] The same is true of the stone of Hanshan Mountain and the Hakkas who are chasing and killing Zephyr. The depth of cultivation and the pressure on the weak are a kind of refutation that seems to be unable to resist in this life! Until the emperor here, Su Ming once again felt the feeling of powerlessness, everything is controlled by Cao, fate is not controlled, just because the emperor is strong, so that everything is inferior, must comply! Is this the law of the jungle? If this is the law of the world, then I do not want to be weak, I want to be strong, because only in this way, I am qualified to break the rules I do not like! Su Ming in front of the body of the more than thirty Zhangs high Yin Ling big fellow, roared in the tomahawk raised, fiercely toward the sorcery temple elder an axe cut, in the process of this tomahawk fell, heaven and earth roared, a huge nihility crack was split, the sorcery clan old man's face changed, the body retreated between his right index finger raised, to see the coming of the tomahawk fierce one finger. Under this finger, the right index finger of the elder of the temple of sorcery was suddenly dark, and there was a black [Baidu Demon Bar, official YY: 3943, please go to the'Starting Point Chinese Network 'to support Demon Voting] gas breeding, which turned into a wisp of ghosts in front of his finger. This soul has eight different heads, which are the faces of men and women, old and young, each of which is evil. In the shrill scream, like a meteor, with a long tail, he went straight to the tomahawk. Evil spirit! He is indeed a psychic witch with half a foot in a desperate situation, but he has been refined out of the evil spirit! Those who saw this scene on the earth were immediately recognized. After the eight evil spirits flew out, their bodies should be good at facing the wind. In an instant, they turned into more than ten feet. Together with the tomahawk, they turned into an astonishing roar. Between the echoes, Su Ming's voice came out coldly. If the cultivation is profound, you can rob other people's things at will. Su Ming's Fen Shen rushed out at the moment when the big man's axe touched the evil spirit, and before it was near, the black beetle swept away, the sound of buzzing echoed, forming a big black hand in midair, and went straight to the temple of sorcery to grab it. At the same time, Su Ming's yuan Ying Fen Shen is a low roar. Nine changes and ten changes are the same! As his words came out, Su Ming's right hand pointed to the old man in the temple of sorcery, and under this finger, suddenly on his index finger, there was a rapid flash of black awn, and suddenly, Su Ming's index finger suddenly became extremely dark, and at the same time, a trace of black gas flew out from between his fingers, unexpectedly in front of him. Formed a sorcery temple before the old man launched a touch of the same eight-headed evil spirit! As soon as this evil spirit came out, all the people who witnessed it immediately changed their looks. Even the old man in the temple of sorcery changed his face at the moment. Nine changes and move again! Su Ming's eyes flashed, and immediately the eight-headed soul in front of him, each head of a black horn,Surveyors tape measure, rushed out in a roar, with the black beetle into a big hand, rushed to the temple of sorcery elders.