Wan Qing Si Volume 4 Jueshi Chapter

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If those black-clad ninjas went for the flames, and Hongye colluded with those ninjas, then her motive for appearing in front of me later was not simple.

If those black-clad ninjas went for the flames, and Hongye colluded with those ninjas, then her motive for appearing in front of me later was not simple. I did not forget that the first time Hongye saw Mingyan, she showed great interest in him, nor did I forget that Mingyan had complained to me that she was not a good woman. I smiled bitterly in my heart, Ming Yan, if you are right, Hongye is really not kind, only blame me for not listening to your words at the beginning. I carefully recalled the fragments of red leaves every time they came to me, but there was not much difference. The only strange thing was that they gave a sachet to Ming Yan, and Ming Yan gave it to Ansheng, and then Ansheng disappeared. I was shocked! If I hadn't been hit by the dumb hole, I would have screamed. Yes, Hongye's goal has always been the flame of the underworld. Although it is not clear why she gave the sachet to the flame of the underworld, there must be something strange about the sachet. Ansheng must have disappeared because of that sachet. If it hadn't been for the flame that gave it to Ansheng, the missing person would have been the flame! I took a hard breath, so Ansheng's disappearance was related to the red leaves? They found out they had the wrong guy? Will it be bad for Ansheng? Could Ansheng have. I dare not think any more, my heart is anger and fear,face recognition identification, Ansheng is such a lovely child, if he was really killed by the red leaves, I will never forgive her, will never let her go! I clenched my lips and took a deep breath, trying to calm my anger. Think carefully again, and suspicious, if the target of the red leaf is the flame of the underworld,facial recognition thermometer, why not directly find the flame of the underworld, but laboriously catch me? With her skill, although it may not be possible to grasp the flame of the underworld, it is not without opportunities, not to mention that she is full of conspiracy. After thinking about it for a long time, I really couldn't figure it out. Instead, my head was throbbing. I quickly stopped thinking about it. It seemed that I had to look forward to the next time when the red leaves solved my acupoints, so that I could verify whether those guesses were wrong. My brain was in a daze, waking up for a while, and then falling asleep in a daze, until the carriage suddenly jolted violently, which woke me up completely. When I opened my eyes, I saw the sunlight coming through the curtain of the closed carriage door, face recognition identification kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, and I thought it was already bright. There was some noise outside the carriage. I was surprised. Could it be that Huilonggang had already arrived? The door curtain was lifted, and Hongye went on her way overnight, with a few strands of blood in her eyes. Seeing me staring at her in panic, Hongye smiled and turned her head and said, "Carry her out." A man dressed as a fisherman carried me out of the carriage. I saw Hongye surrounded by nearly ten men dressed as fishermen. I was even more frightened. These people obviously came to meet Hongye. Looking up, I saw the boundless sea in front of me. In front of me was a port that did not look like a port at all. It seemed that the ancient port was not as prosperous as the modern wharf. Even if it was a business trip to the Red Sun Country to do business, it would be good to go back and forth once a year. It is now the end of the month, the weather is freezing, fishermen usually do not go to sea, the most stopped on the distant sea is the fisherman's fishing boat, including only a larger merchant ship, a bit of a voyage in the meaning of the inside. There were three small wooden boats tied to the dock, which were supposed to be used to ferry people to merchant ships. It was early in the morning, and there were not many people on the dock because the fishermen did not go out to sea. There were only a few women mending fishing nets and some children picking up shells on the beach. The fishermen saw a big merchant ship parked on the sea in the distance, pointing at it. They did not know if they were asking which big merchant's ship was, and they wanted to ask the sailors on the ship to bring some goods from the Red Sun Country from the ocean. Seeing a carriage coming, the women and the children who were picking up shells all looked this way curiously. Without waiting for me to see the situation in front of me, the red leaves put a cloak on me, covering my head, and my vision was blocked in the cloak. The red leaf ordered quietly: "ferry boat her on the back." I panicked and tried to struggle, but I still had no strength. The man who carried me on his back immediately carried me to the dock. I heard the men walking around me to the dock, anxious and afraid. Seeing that the pier's long causeway was about to come to an end, I suddenly heard what seemed to be the dull sound of horses' hooves on the other side of the beach. There was a hubbub on the pier. I heard Hongye calmly ordering in a low voice, "Don't worry about them. Go to ferry boat." The man carried me into the black tent ferry boat parked under the dock, and the red leaves came up, and the other men got on several other ferry boat. After boarding the ship, the man put me down and let me lean against the cabin. My head was leaning against the window of the cabin. I tried my best to lean my body's center of gravity against the cabin, with my face facing the window. I took the opportunity to look at the beach. When I saw the familiar figures on the beach, my heart almost jumped out? It's An yuan Xi! Set sail! Hongye immediately ordered the man to punt. I stared at Anyuan Xi and Tiewei on the shore, who were looking around as if they were looking for someone. I clenched my lips, Anyuan Xi, I am here, I am here, please look over. However, he could not hear the anxious cry in my heart, and the Wupeng ferry slowly pushed away from the dock and rowed towards the big merchant ship on the sea. Chapter 30 cannon fodder. An yuan Xi and four iron guards searched the pier and the beach. Wupeng ferry carried me farther and farther, I clenched my lower lip, staring at Anyuan Xi, looking at their farther and farther figures, only despair in my heart, do I still want to pass by you today? An yuan Xi's eyes swept in my direction. He seemed to see me. My heart was in my throat and my lips were open. I wanted to shout for help, but I forgot that I couldn't make any sound at all. But his eyes only paused on my face for a moment and then turned away. I was as cold as if I had been poured a bucket of cold water. He doesn't recognize me either? Is Hongye's transfiguration really so brilliant? Can transfiguration change people's eyes? I thought I had experienced so many things with him that I had developed a tacit understanding without words. In the past,smart whiteboard price, when dealing with family business, many times just a look, both sides could understand and know each other's intentions. But that's not the case. What he knows is just my skin. hsdtouch.com