How to Restore a Post you’ve Deleted

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If you are looking for how to recover deleted posts on Facebook then you are in the right place to get your answer. So, read the shared blog till the end.

If you are looking for different methods to recover a deleted post on Facebook, then we are going to tell you the correct way of it. Do not rack up the internet on how to retrieve deleted Facebook posts because we are giving you the best solutions.

Recover Deleted Facebook posts

We know the internet gives you lots of ways on how to recover deleted post on Facebook but let me tell you that not all of them are correct. Our guide is going to tell you the finest techniques.

Method 1: Undelete your Facebook posts

This method is not commonly used by many people but you can use it to get your deleted posts back.

  1. Open your Facebook account by doing fb login.
  2. Then open the notification tab on the top of the screen.
  3. You will see a notification of your deleted post. Click on it and then undo the deletion.

Method 2: Look for the deleted posts and then recover them

Do not get in too much tension when you see the plethora of solutions given to you once you have entered how to recover deleted post on Facebook on the web. Use this method instead.

  1. Open the settings of Facebook after logging into Facebook.
  2. Generate a copy of all your Facebook info by clicking on ‘Download your Information’.
  3. Now, only choose the posts to retrieve your Facebook posts.
  4. Then tap on the ‘Create File’ option to make a copy of all the data.
  5. Your computer may take some time to generate the file but you will receive a notification after the process is completed.
  6. Open the file and recover any post that you may have deleted accidentally.

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