Oxfordshire Council Investigates Zero Emission Fire Engines

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A fire service has played a crucial role in a study on how to run a fleet of zero emission fire engines.

Oxfordshire council explores zero emission fire engines - BBC News


Chief Fire Officer Rob MacDougall called this conclusion "the most common cause of death." "Really exciting" and how to reduce emissions "Before expectation"Ulemco said it would build a prototype to demonstrate its efficiency.

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Together with the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, the emissions battery-free electric fire truck will meet emergency response times and pumping requirements.The vehicles will have energy stored together in batteries and hydrogen fuel storage onboard the plane. and can refuel quickly\

'Important step'

Fire stations in the county are assessed for possible hydrogen refueling sites.As a result, the council is "evaluating the transport in establishing a hydrogen fueling infrastructure" to cover both the county's urban and rural areas.