Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Review 2024

Legacy 9.0 Family Tree by Millennia Corporation, now part of MyHeritage, is favored by genealogists for its reliability and user-friendly interface. While its visual style may seem dated, continual improvements ensure a seamless experience.


Legacy 9.0 Family Tree by Millennia Corporation has earned a loyal following, catering to both novices and seasoned genealogists. Its enduring reputation, spanning over two decades, speaks to its reliability, further bolstered by its recent acquisition by MyHeritage. While its interface may evoke a Windows Vista-era visual style, it shouldn't deter users, especially those accustomed to Windows Office software. Legacy benefits from ongoing improvements and introduces new features to enhance user experience. Its intuitive charts and offline functionality make it ideal for research on the go or during vacations. When comparing options between Legacy and competitors like MyHeritage or Ancestry DNA, Legacy emerges as the superior choice, offering unparalleled benefits. To delve deeper into its advantages, explore Legacy's unique features and strengths.