How do I access my Crypto Wallet without a password?

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How do I access my Crypto Wallet without a password?

A crypto wallet allows users to deposit and withdraw crypto tokens easily and securely. You can connect your wallet to the exchange to trade on the blockchain network. But what if you have lost the password of your wallet and you are being asked to log in to your account. This may be a frustrating situation as you will lose access to your crypto funds once after losing access to your wallet account. If you are also facing such an issue then you have come to the right page as we are going to discuss the way to access a login Wallet without using the password.

All you need to do is, keep reading this post till the end to regain access to your login funds. But before jumping to the next section, affirm that you have the seed phrase details of your wallet otherwise you may face delay on the wallet recovery page.

Procedure to access the Crypto Wallet without a password

Get the seed phrase details of your wallet and keep following the steps that are mentioned below to recover your wallet account without using a password:

  1. Open the wallet app or browser extension
  2. Make sure you are using an updated version of the wallet app or browser
  3. Now, you need to detect the ‘Import My Wallet’ button
  4. Click on this button to visit the wallet recovery page
  5. Now, find the seed phrase field and type the required details
  6. Ensure the entered seed phrase details are in the correct order
  7. Now, in the password field, choose a new password for your wallet
  8. When asked, confirm the same password in the password confirmation field
  9. Again check the details are correct or not and then click the ‘Recover My Wallet’ option
  10. Now, you will be logged in to your login Wallet account without using the password details


In short, users who are facing difficulties in accessing their crypto wallet account may not able to access their crypto tokens as well. In case you have also lost the password details of your login Wallet account then you can easily recover your wallet with the help of secret seed phrase details. Hopefully, you have learned the procedure to access your Crypto storage with the help of this post.